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Voting for the Banksters

A side by side comparison of the top contributors to the Obama and Clinton Presidential Campaigns. Looks like if you vote for one of these top Candidates you are voting for the International Bankster Cabal.

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Fwd: A Letter To Senator Russ Feingold Regarding The Validity Of Our Government's Official Account Of 9/11/01

January 25th,

To Senator Russ Feingold,

My name is Matthew Naus. I'm the veteran who presented a concern
to you about the validity of our government's official account of
9/11/01 in Grafton, Wisconsin on January 20th, 2008. You might
remember our exchange became a little emotional. At the end of
expressing my concerns I told you I would see you in Milwaukee in 5
days. I said this because I found out from your website that your
next listening session was scheduled in Milwaukee on Friday, January
25th. The last thing you said to me after I said, "I'll see you in 5
days" was "we'll see about that". Making that kind of statement to me
concerns me. It concerns me because I might have a problem coming
back to one of your listening sessions to continue expressing my
serious concerns that challenge the government's official account of
9/11/01. So, to avoid any type of problem that could possibly occur,
if I were to show up, I decided to write you this letter and have it
sent to your listening session in place of my
personal appearance. I will also e-mail a copy of this letter to
your senate offices. This letter will also be published on Veterans
for 9/11 Truth Yahoogroups forum, 9/11TruthAction Yahoogroups forum,
Take A Stand For 9/11 Truth website and a few other message forums
that accept it.

At the listening session in Grafton, Wisconsin I presented to you,
critical information (DVD and written articles) that point to
evidential facts that question the validity of our government's
official account/investigation of 9/11/01 which is called the 9/11
Commission Report. I also gave your senate office clerk similar
information which you can find on my website
( on or about September
12th, 2006 when I personally visited your Washington, DC senate
office along with 82 other senate offices in the course of 2 days.
Due to time restraints, I had to send the other 17 senate offices I
didn't visit a certified envelope containing the same information.
The senate office clerks that were handed this information were
instructed to deliver the information to the Military Legislative
Assistant (MLA) for each senator. I also gave the clerks a website
card with my e-mail address and phone number to give to the MLA. I
took down the
names of all these MLA's and I collected most of the senate office
cards for each senator and the MLA's if they were available. The name
of your Military Legislative Assistant that should've received this
vital information was Emily Plagman. Given the critical nature of
this information, I would think that your MLA has informed you of
such information. Over the course of 16 months I haven't heard of one
senator questioning the validity of our government's official account
of 9/11. I have heard a few members of congress question it and one
of them (a woman) is not a member of congress anymore.

Senator Feingold, you have now been given this kind of critical
information again. Put directly in your hands by a war veteran of
this country. The DVD I gave you has three documentaries and a
lecture given by David Ray Griffin given on September 14th, 2006
titled, September 11th Should The Truth Be Revealed Or Concealed.
The titles of the documentaries are: 9/11 Mysteries, Terror Storm and
Loose Change 2nd Edition. I also gave you 5 articles written by Alan
Miller, founder of the website Patriots Question 9/11.

December 4th, 2007
Eight Senior Republican Appointees Challenge Official Account of
9/11 - "Not
Possible", "a Whitewash", "False"
September 23rd, 2007
Seven CIA Veterans Challenge 9/11 Commission Report
December 13th, 2007
Seven Senior Federal Engineers and Scientist
Call For New 9/11 Investigation
January 5th, 2008
Eight U.S. State Dept. Veterans Challenge Official Count of 9/11/01
January 14th,
Twenty-Five US Military
Officers Challenge Official Count of 9/11/01

I now have video of you receiving this vital information on
Youtube. As a veteran of this nation who served in Vietnam, received
an honorable discharge and as a citizen of the State of Wisconsin,
which is the state you represent, I expect you to do your job as a
senator and take a thorough look and evaluate this vital information
that questions the validity of our government's official
investigation of 9/11. This vital information proves that there was
treason, of the highest order, by some of the top administrators of
our government and some high ranking military leaders. There also was
absolute control over the mainstream media to perpetuate a cover-up
story that 19 terrorists did it with box cutters lead by a man who
lives in a cave. The mainstream media has also squashed any real
investigative reporting. If something did get out that contradicted
the official cover-up story it was dropped quickly from the national
news with very little or no follow-up investigative
reporting. This can only mean that those individuals that have that
kind of absolute control over the mainstream media must be involved
with this heinous crime. In other words, there was a conspiracy with
some of our government/military and corporate leaders along with
those individuals that have absolute control of our mainstream media

Anyone with even a little reasonable intellect and sound judgment
(half-a-brain) should be able to see that Americans were not told the
truth about 9/11. All they have to do is take the time to research
this subject using alternative media which includes reading articles,
watching 9/11 Truth documentaries on the internet or on DVD's,
listening to speeches or lectures by credible people, observing
pictures and videos on the internet and listening to alternative
media internet radio. In other words, "It's a no-brainer".

Of course we will need a citizen's independent investigation
created to verify all this so I expect you to call for one Senator
Feingold. I also expect the other 99 senators along with all those in
the House of Representatives to put their political loyalty and fear
aside and call for a citizen's independent investigation of 9/11/01.
We surely can't have those that are suspected of treason to create
their own investigative committee/team, selecting the ones they want
to be on the committee and then producing a report such as the 9/11
Commission Report, now can we.
At the present time there are hundreds of thousands, if not
millions, of American citizens that question the validity of our
government's official account of 9/11/01. The security of our nation
and its people are at great risk because some of our
government/military and corporate leaders think nothing of killing
close to 3000 innocent American citizens to obtain their inhuman
political objectives of starting wars with other nations, killing
their innocent civilians and putting our nations military troops in
grave danger with over 3000 of them already killed and many more
thousands wounded.

Senator Feingold, I will be expecting you to start taking the
necessary steps that are needed to begin a citizen's independent
investigation of 9/11/01 regarding the validity of our government's
official account of 9/11. I know you have enough intellect, but I'll
reserve my opinion of your sound judgment until I see how you handle
this critical information. If you continue to ignore this vital
information then I expect you to remove yourself from office for
dereliction of duty. I also hope other Americans who read this e-mail
letter will send (use registered or verified mail with receipts)
vital information regarding the validity of our government's official
account of 9/11 to their senators and congressmen, or hand deliver it
as I did. Tell them that you expect them to evaluate the information
and call for a citizen's independent investigation of 9/11/01. If
they don't, they should also remove themselves from office, for
dereliction of duty. We need senators and
congressman that have the courage to overcome fear, be independent
and serve their constituents, not their political parties and
lobbyists. Only then will we truly have a balance of power in this
country as our founding fathers had designed it. With this balance
of power we will then be able to eliminate those that try to create
false flag operations in order to wage war on defenseless nations for
their own greed and political objectives.

Senator Feingold, I'm fully aware that the steps I have taken here
and listed below won't guarantee that you will take any legislative
action to create a citizen's independent investigation of 9/11/01. I
want you to realize that what I have done here is document the steps
I have taken, a sort of historical record, in the case that you
choose to ignore this critical and vital information and do nothing
at all with it. If you choose this course of inaction, I want you to
be aware of a future time, a time when the truth about 9/11/01 will
come to light, a time when we will judge those that were entrusted
with the security of our nation and who took an oath to preserve,
protect and defend our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and
domestic, that those entrusted were presented with this critical and
vital information that seriously questions our government's official
account of 9/11/01, and that those entrusted failed to do their duty
to protect the citizens of the
United States of America.

Hand delivering to your senate office in DC critical information
that questions the validity of our government's official account of
9/11 on or about September 12th, 2006.
That critical information is outlined here:

Making a video recording at your listening session in Grafton,
Wisconsin on January 20th, 2008 showing me handing you more critical
information that questions the validity of our government's official
account of 9/11. That video recording can be watched here:

Having a copy of this e-mail letter I wrote delivered to you on
January 25th, 2008 at the Milwaukee Public Library in Milwaukee,
Wisconsin where you are holding a listening session and submitted to
your website contact page

P.S. This letter was delivered to Senator Feingold in Milwaukee on
1/25/08 at the Milwaukee Public Library at approximately 4:00 pm. One
of the senator's, aides, a Karen Ramsey, was handed the letter and
she said she would give it to the senator.

Matthew Naus

Co-Founder: Veterans
For 9/11
Founder: Take A
Stand For 9/11 Truth

Fwd: Electile dysfunction

New Entry for Webster's 2008 Dictionary:

Electile Dysfunction : the inability to become aroused over any of
the choices for president put forth by either party in the 2008
election year.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fwd: Bush Admin Lied 935 Times on 532 Occasions re. Iraq, Says Study

Top US officials declared war on truth when it came to Iraq: report
WASHINGTON (AFP) - US President George W. Bush and his top officials
ran roughshod over the truth in the run-up to the Iraq war lying a
total of 935 times, a study released Wednesday found.

Bush and his then secretary of state Colin Powell made the most false
statements as they sought to drum up support for the March 2003
invasion to topple Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, the study alleged.

In a damning report, the Center for Public Integrity found "935 false
statements by eight top administration officials that mentioned Iraq's
possession of weapons of mass destruction, or links to Al-Qaeda, on at
least 532 separate occasions."

Fwd: Raising Questions About 9/11 Gets Army Sargeant Demoted

"Donald expressed to me his disappointment in the Army after all that
has happened," said his father. "I raised my son to love America. He
still gets chills when he sees the flag flying and hears our national
anthem. He's committed his life to serving our country, only to get
tossed aside like this. It brings me great sadness."

When his son gets out, he said, he plans to become an advocate for
the 9/11 truth movement.

Friendly Fire - Raising questions about 9/11 gets an Army sergeant
demoted for 'disloyalty'


These days, Donald Buswell's job is not as exciting or dangerous as
it once was. For the past few months, his working hours have been
spent taking care of some 40-plus wounded soldiers at San Antonio's
Fort Sam Houston medical center. The work is sometimes menial, even
janitorial, but he doesn't mind. After all, Buswell has been where
these men are - three years ago, he too was recovering from wounds
received in a battle zone in Iraq.

"I truly consider this an honor," Buswell told his dad not long
ago. Still, it's not exactly where Buswell expected to be after 20
years of well-respected service in the Army.

Since joining the Army in 1987, he had risen to the rank of
sergeant first class, serving in both Gulf Wars, Bosnia, Rwanda, and
Korea. He ended up with shrapnel scars and a Purple Heart and, back
in the U.S. after his last tour in Iraq, a job as intelligence
analyst at Fort Sam Houston.

He couldn't have foreseen that one e-mail could derail his career
and put him on his way out of the Army. One e-mail, speculating about
events that millions of people have questioned for the last six
years, was all it took...

Sgt. Buswell wants to know: What really happened on 9/11? And he
said so in his e-mail. In the few paragraphs of that August 2006
message - a reply not to someone outside the service, but to other
soldiers - Buswell wrote that he thought the official report of what
happened that day at the Pentagon, and in the Pennsylvania crash of
United Airlines Flight 93, was full of errors and unanswered

"Who really benefited from what happened that day?" he asked
rhetorically. Not "Arabs," but "the Military Industrial Complex,"
Buswell concluded. "We must demand a new, independent investigation."

For voicing those opinions in an e-mail to 38 people on the San
Antonio Army base, Buswell was stripped of his security clearance,
fired from his job, demoted, and ordered to undergo a mental health

(He was also ordered not to speak with the press. Information for
this story came from documents, conversations with Buswell's family
members and friends, and sources within Fifth Army who asked not to
be named.)

As if all that weren't enough, Fort Sam Houston's chief of staff
penned a letter accusing Buswell of "making statements disloyal to
the United States."

His father, Winthrop Buswell, said that his son "is one of the most
patriotic people I know."

"Donald saw something that his conscience led him to dispute," he
said. "That's just the type of man he is."

For his dissent, Donald has paid a heavy price.

Baghdad's early light danced across the surface of a man-made lake.
For Buswell, that April 2004 morning was the perfect time for a run.
Behind him, the soldiers of Baghdad's Camp Victory were, for the most
part, not yet stirring. The path he took was a historic one: In the
palace just a couple of hundred yards away, surrounded by the lake,
Saddam Hussein was in custody, locked away in a former torture cell.

Five miles into the jog, Buswell paused to catch his breath, and
something splashed in the water nearby with unusual force. He jumped
back, surprised, and surveyed the area with care. Seeing no threat,
he resumed his run, heading toward a couple of Iraqi men painting a
small building.

Seconds later, Buswell heard a growing whistle and turned just in
time to see a 122mm rocket barreling toward him. He dove out of the
way, and the round hit several dozen yards behind him. Picking
himself up off the ground, he saw another white trail forming over
the water. He started running again, but had made it only a few steps
when the force of another impact blew him to the ground. Shrapnel,
rocks, and dirt rained down on him. Ahead, a fourth round hit the
Iraqi painters, blowing off body parts and engulfing them in flames.

Horrified, Buswell ran toward the men and tried to extinguish the
flames. The men were still alive, screaming in agony. Then, he heard
the increasingly familiar whistle of another rocket and once again
hit the dirt. The one that struck the nearby road was a dud, like the
first that hit the water. Had it exploded, Buswell probably would
have died. When he turned to look again at the two Iraqi men, he saw
they were dead, their bodies charred and smoking.

"It was like the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan," his dad
recalled him saying.

By this time, troops from the camp were running toward the scene.
Only when the first of those soldiers arrived and screamed for a
medic did Buswell realize he'd been hit. Sharp flakes of metal were
embedded up and down his left leg and all over the right side of his

The relatively minor wounds Buswell suffered that day were his
first in a battle zone, despite the fact that he'd served in southern
Iraq during Desert Storm a decade before. In his first few years in
the Army, Buswell had been a metalworker and had dealt with
explosives. Since 1990, he had been an intelligence analyst.

Buswell's wounds were cleaned and bandaged within an hour of the
rocket attack, and he rejoined his unit almost immediately. But 2004
had more - and more pleasant - developments in store for him.

Two months after the attack, he returned to the United States, to
Fort Hood in Central Texas, and married his girlfriend Lori,
officially becoming step-dad to her 11-year-old daughter Kaitlyn, who
calls him "DD" (Daddy Donald) for short. In one of those strange
quirks of war, Buswell had actually met Lori's ex-husband and
Kaitlyn's dad - Darren Cunningham - while both were based at Camp
Victory. The two became close friends. When Cunningham, a military
police officer, was killed in a rocket attack in October 2004, just a
month before his retirement, Buswell became even more of a father
figure for Kaitlyn - and in some ways helped Cunningham's family deal
with his death.

For the next two years, Buswell worked at his intelligence post at
Fort Hood, then was transferred to a similar job in San Antonio. But
as he worked, he studied and read about what had happened on 9/11 -
and came to the conclusions that would get him in so much trouble.

The terrorist attacks of 2001 had a profound effect on Buswell.

Before the much-disputed presidential election of 2000, Buswell
shared with his father a view that very few held at the time. He was
convinced that if George W. Bush won, he would take the country to
war with Iraq to finish his father's work. He believed the younger
Bush would be too beholden to oil interests - and feared what that
would mean for America's foreign policy.

When the planes hit the World Trade Center towers on 9/11, Buswell
later told his father, he figured that war with Iraq was coming, even
if the country had nothing to do with the attacks. Being a loyal
soldier, he kept his views private for a long while.

"He didn't want to rock the boat," Buswell's father said. "Like all
of us, he was somewhat in shock after what happened on 9/11." And, as
he told his father, his job was to serve. He was proud to do it, no
matter who was directing policy.

By the time he was transferred to Fort Sam Houston, Buswell had
developed strong opinions about what had happened. He had come to
believe that the World Trade Center attacks were aided by persons on
the inside and that the planes that crashed into the towers were just
one component of a larger, more complex attack. The career soldier
had effectively become a member of what's known as the "9/11 truth
movement," which has continued to grow in spite of news media
coverage that has generally refused to take the questions seriously.
The movement includes many factions, espousing theories from the
somewhat plausible to the really out-there folks who talk about space
weapons bringing down the New York towers. The doubters include
people like Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who recently agreed to
distribute Loose Change Final Cut, a 9/11 conspiracy movie, and
actors Charlie Sheen and Rosie O'Donnell, whose 9/11 dissents have
been well-publicized.

In light of his new job, Buswell wanted to make sure his superiors
knew of his views. He went to Chief Warrant Officer Mario Torres, a
legal advisor to his division at Fort Sam Houston. Buswell told
Torres he would not be willing to write reports or give speeches that
required him to say things he didn't believe regarding 9/11.

He shared with Torres his belief that the facts contradicted large
parts of the official story of what had happened that day, calling
the attacks an "inside job" - one of the central beliefs of many
truth movement members. Torres didn't see a problem: Buswell would
not be working on anything related to 9/11, he said, and compared the
sergeant's views versus the official story to liking beer over wine.
His concerns dismissed, Buswell went to work.

It was only a few weeks later, on Aug. 2, when Buswell received the
e-mail that knocked his career off its tracks. The unsolicited
message was sent to him and 38 others by someone who gave his name as
Larry Anderson. No such person could be located at the San Antonio
fort, and Buswell's superiors declined to comment or to talk about
the sender of the original e-mail.

The e-mail's subject line read: "F4 vs. Concrete Wall." The message
referred to "loony liberal reasoning" that there must have been a
conspiracy involved in the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon because there
allegedly wasn't enough airplane debris left behind for the building
to have been hit by an airliner. Anderson referred to a film clip
showing, he said, an Air Force engineering test in which an F4
Phantom fighter jet crashed at 500 mph into a heavily reinforced
concrete wall surrounding a nuclear reactor site. The jet "turned to
vapor," Anderson claimed, thereby explaining the lack of plane
wreckage at the Pentagon.

Later that day, Buswell committed the same infraction as Anderson:
From his Army computer, he sent a mass reply to all the folks who got
the initial message. Buswell's crime was clicking the "Reply All"
button - a mistake he still regrets.

The comparison between the F4 and a 757 hitting the Pentagon, he
wrote, "serves only to muddy the issue," because the fighter jet
hitting a concrete barrier hardened to nuclear containment standards
is very different from a plane hitting the Pentagon. The real issue,
Buswell said, was that the official story on what happened that
day "is filled with errors.

"We all know and saw 2 planes hitting the WTC buildings," he
wrote. "[W]e didn't see the 757 hit the Pentagon, nor did we see the
plane crash in Shanksville, PA. Both the PA and Pentagon 'crashes'
don't have [the] tell-tale signs of a jumbo-jet impacting those zones!

"The Pentagon would have huge wing impacts in the side of the
building; it didn't. Shanksville, PA would have had debris, and a
large debris field; it didn't."

He went on to express doubt that "some Arabs in caves with cell
phones" had been responsible for the tragedies of that day.

"I mean, how are Arabs benefiting from pulling off 9/11?" Buswell
asked. "They have more war, more death and dismal conditions, so, how
did 911 benefit them? Answer: It didn't. So, who benefited from 9-11?
The answer is sad, but simple: The Military Industrial Complex." The
idea of a 9/11 conspiracy, he added, is neither "Liberal Lunacy ...
nor is it Conservative Kookiness."

"People, fellow citizens we've been had!" he wrote. "We must demand
a new independent investigation into 911 and look at all the options
of that day ... Even the most incredulous theories must be examined."

Not an opinion one might have expected from a career soldier - but
then, expressing opinions, especially those of dissent, is the
American way. The e-mail exchange hadn't seemed particularly
important to Buswell, he later told his family. He found out
differently the next morning.

His key wouldn't open the door to his office.

That was the first clue Buswell had that something was wrong. In
short order, he was informed that a "15-6 investigation" had been
opened regarding his use of the military e-mail network. It's the
same designation given the investigation into the Abu Ghraib torture

Over the next few days, Buswell was informed of the removal of his
security clearance, subjected to intense scrutiny and intimidation,
and alienated from other members of his intelligence division when he
was relegated to secretarial work while the investigation went on. He
was fired from his job and demoted to platoon sergeant.

In a letter appointing Major Edwin Escobar to lead the
investigation, Col. Luke S. Green, chief of staff of the Fifth Army,
wrote, "SFC Buswell failed to obey a general order or regulation when
he used his Government issued email account to send messages disloyal
to the United States [emphasis added] with the intent of engendering
disloyalty or disaffection for the United States in a manner that
brought discredit upon the United States Army."

Green added that Buswell "allegedly asserts that he has information
that proves a conspiracy on the part of the US military industrial
complex to attack targets within the United States (e.g., The
Pentagon), opinions which he asserts publicly and over Government
email systems."

However, no other documents related to the investigation mention
Buswell's opinions or question his loyalty. Officially, he was
charged only with violating an Army policy regarding use of the
military's e-mail network. Winthrop Buswell said his son has
acknowledged the infraction, but also noted it was the first time
he'd ever heard of the rule being enforced.

Green, at the behest of Lt. General, Robert T. Clark, deputy
commanding general of the Fifth Army, ordered that Buswell undergo a
mental health exam. However, the physician in charge of the medical
center's mental health division declined to administer the test,
saying that Buswell's actions did not warrant it.

Buswell fought back. He contacted U.S. Rep. Charles A. Gonzales of
San Antonio to register a complaint. Gonzales subsequently requested
information from the Army about the investigation, but according to
his aides, no other action has been taken. The request was given a
congressional inquiry case number and promptly put aside.

In another sense though, Buswell has given up - at least on the
idea of continuing his Army career. He filed retirement papers, set
to take effect April 1, 2008.

"Donald expressed to me his disappointment in the Army after all
that has happened," said his father. "I raised my son to love
America. He still gets chills when he sees the flag flying and hears
our national anthem. He's committed his life to serving our country,
only to get tossed aside like this. It brings me great sadness."

When his son gets out, he said, he plans to become an advocate for
the 9/11 truth movement.

For the last 10 months, Buswell has spent his days tending to the
needs of wounded Iraq War veterans at the San Antonio medical center.

"The service has mostly been good to Donald," said the elder
Buswell, a painter and retired locomotive engineer from Loudon,
N.H. "He wouldn't have made a career out of it if it wasn't. But
after all the controversy and the investigation, the thing that
surprises me most is how he reacted to being fired. When they
assigned him to the medical center, he told me, 'Dad, I truly
consider this to be an honor. To be given such an important task as
some kind of retaliation against me is confusing, but it is truly my
honor to help these men and women right now.'"

On the other hand, the elder Buswell said, his son's empathy toward
the soldiers now in his care isn't surprising.

"He provides great solace to the soldiers," Winthrop said. "He is a
good listener and knows what they're going through, having been in
Iraq and suffering injuries there as well. They truly appreciate him."

Family members say that's par for the course for Buswell, a guy who
delivered a Father's Day present to Darren Cunningham from his
daughter back in 2004 and even consulted Darren about raising his
friend's daughter, from whom Cunningham had years earlier become

"I don't know what I've done in my life to deserve such a blessing,
but having Donny around has helped me and my family deal with losing
Darren," said Glenn Cunningham, Darren's older brother. "I really
admire and respect Donny for that, and because of how principled he
is. Some people don't have the sense of honor that Donny has. And,
you know, Donny ... He says things sometimes that get him into
trouble, but he says them because he feels it's the right thing to
do. And I really, deeply respect that."

To this day, Winthrop Buswell said, his son still cannot believe
the military would come down on him so hard for sharing a view widely
held across the United States.

"Donald really did nothing wrong," his father said. "He responded
to an e-mail. How many of us in civilian life respond to e-mail
forwards from co-workers or friends? Is that really a crime? ... He
is convinced, as I am also, that the 9/11 attacks are not what they
seem. We love this country. I even voted for Bush in 2000. Sadly, I
must say that I do regret it."

He shares many of his son's doubts and questions about what
happened six years ago.

"When you look back at that day - that terrible, terrible day - it
seems almost like another lifetime ago," he said. "Donald believes
bombs were planted in the towers and that the investigation exhibited
a number of very questionable characteristics. Like, how could fire
melt the steel core of the towers? Or, why did the 9/11 Commission
not talk about World Trade Center 7? That [building] fell around 5
p.m., but we don't know why. And if it is true what we've heard
recently, that a physics professor at [Brigham Young University]
found elements of steel-cutting agents in the melted steel from the
towers, why is that met with cries of insanity? There is a
possibility that what really happened was much more than what we were

Not everyone close to the Buswells shares those views. Glenn
Cunningham, who has become close friends with Buswell, much like his
brother Darren, does not put much stock in conspiracy theories.

"I'm not one for conspiracies, but from what Donny is saying, it
really does sound kinda questionable," he said. "But I haven't looked
at it. I'm not in any movement ... And I just can't imagine what
people expect to come out of it. Of course I want to know the truth.
Truth is always important, and if they're lying to cover something
up, we should find out. But then what?"

Winthrop Buswell isn't strident when he talks about 9/11. He just
raises questions and encourage others to do the same - and that's all
his son has done, he said.

"I pray Donald does not get in further trouble for standing up and
speaking with his conscience," he said. "I wish we were not all swept
up in it. But here we are. So what will we do?

"Donald told me once, 'Dad, I hate feeling the way I do. I just
hate it. And if I'm wrong, gosh, I'll just apologize to no end. But I
can't deny where the facts have led, and I can't tell you how
disappointed I am. The evidence just seems so prominent, and the
question must be asked.'"

"Sadly, I agree with my son," concluded Buswell. "I want the truth.
Nothing less. We should all want that."

Stephen C. Webster is a freelance journalist in North Texas. A
version of this story appeared originally in the Lone Star
Iconoclast, published in Crawford, Texas.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"AVOIDING THE NEXT 9/11"–Loose Change Producers Interview "The Shell Game" N.Y.

"AVOIDING THE NEXT 9/11"–Loose Change Producers Interview "The Shell
Game" N.Y. Times Best Selling Author

"AVOIDING THE NEXT 9/11" – on MLK Day Loose Change Producers w/ "The
Shell Game" N.Y. Times Best Selling Author, Interviewed on "Louder
Than Words" Radio Program.

This week, on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, both Jason Bermas and
Dylan Avery, co-producers of the famed globally viewed, "Loose
Change – Final Cut" documentary, interviewed the N.Y. Times best
selling author of the EXPLOSIVE edu-tainment historical fiction

. . . While many may wonder at first blush why acclaimed
documentarians would interview a novelist, for those who've
read "The Shell Game," the answer is obvious. The Shell Game is not
like any novel, as it is based on a neo-con vision that is all too
close to what they've done in and to our world. But, even beyond
that, "The Shell Game" uses actual media or 9/11 truth research
quotes as chapter headers.

In this fascinating radio interview, Alten and the Loose Change
producers, Avery and Bermas, discuss the obvious dis-information
campaigns designed to destroy the 9/11 truth movement, and how we
can all get savvy to it, and not be manipulated by it.

They also discuss how and why a popular action fiction novel,
like "The Shell Game," can be a profound catalyst to moving 9/11
truth into the mass mind of American culture.

The looming possibility of another false flag operation used to
create war with Iran, is discussed, including how timing is
everything . . .

Read entire article, and DIGGIT/READIT, and post comments on this
historic interview at:



9/11 TRUTH


Fwd: Brasscheck TV: 9/11 Truth under attack

Brasscheck TV: 9/11 Truth under attack

The 911 Truth Movement is being
targeted for criminalization.

Earlier this month, special Brasscheck TV
correspondent Goodman Green posted a
short video about HR 1955.

In just three days over 100,000 people
downloaded and viewed it.

Now the bill is in the Senate under a new
name S 1959.

This bill makes it possible for the government
to criminalize free speech, by declaring it a
form of "terrorism."

Who does this bill target?

Congressional hearings show they're painting
a bulls eye on the 9/11 Truth Movement by likening
it to violent terrorist groups.

We can stop this and this video shows how.

Please visit this video, view it often, comment
on it, rate it and favorite it - and ask others
to do so too.

This bill and the motivations behind it can be
if enough people speak up.


Stock Markets Plunge Worldwide

Monday, January 21, 2008


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"They must find it difficult...those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority."
---Gerald Massey

Youtube Confronting Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold About 9/11 Truth & Oil Power

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Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers,

Here's the Youtube:

I went to a listening session in Grafton, WI th... (more)
Added: January 20, 2008
I went to a listening session in Grafton, WI that Senator Russ
Feidgold holds in the counties of Wisconsin on January 20th, 2008.
Before I had my chance to speak I witnessed Senator Feingold raise
his eyebrows (body language that showed disrespect to one of his
constituents) to another speaker when he was giving his concern about
9/11 Truth and Israel citizens (agents) that were caught on 9/11/01.
The way this citizen was treated by Senator Feingold upset me so I
decided to use a harsher approach when I had a chance to voice a
concern to Senator Feingold with what I knew about 9/11 Truth. I had
visited his office in DC along with over 80 other Senate offices back
in the middle of September 2006. I gave staff members in these
offices 9/11 Truth flyers and DVD's along with my website card that
had my phone number and e-mail address on it. I never received one
response to any this information from any of these senator's offices.
Here is a video of me confronting Senator
Feingold in a harsh way about 9/11 Truth and the oil power that is
bringing this country down. Take Care Matthew Naus: Founder of Take A
Stand For 9/11 Truth and Co-Founder of Veterans For 9/11 Truth (less)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fwd: Tuesday LOOSE CHANGE + 3 other winter-2008 events

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Flyby News Alert -
Winter 2008 Events

This Tuesday Valley 9/11 Truth will screen the film,
Loose Change Final Cut - [2 hour running time]

One or more of the filmmakers plan to join open discussions
following the film. First, Valley 9/11 Truth will have a meeting
at 6:00 pm, and will introduce the film at 7:00pm at the Media
Education Foundation - For details on this event, see:

Note following is more events scheduled this winter

<>Valley 9/11 Truth
<>"Loose Change Final Cut"
Film screening and following discussion at the
Media Education Foundation, Northampton, MA
<>Tuesday, January 22,
2008; 7:00pm

Forthcoming key events in the northeast - winter 2008

February 9 ~ presentation with Richard Gage,
Architect - founder of
Keene State College Redfern Arts Center
229 Main Street; Keene , NH 03435 - 7pm

February 13 – film/discussion
Tentatively "Let's Get Empirical" film presentation
of David Ray Griffin -

February 21 – film/discussion
A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon

March 12 – film/discussion

The three above dates are at the Media Education
Foundation, 60 Masonic Street – Northampton, MA
Meetings 6:00pm; films at 7:00pm; then discussions
for more information on meetups and events.

News fit to transmit in the post Cassini flyby era
<>~<>~<>~ <> ~<>~<>~<>
for life's survival in the 21st Century

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