Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oct. 1st Military starts Martial Law Mission

Oct. 1st Military starts Martial Law Mission

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Financial Terrorism?

I wonder if AIG was the selected company for bailout because of its relationship to the U.S. intelligence community and what others would discover if AIG's books were opened in an audit. The last person to get close to AIG and its shady operations was Eliott Spitzer.- -from a Cynthia McKinney speach

I think she's on to something
FTW has also conducted an extensive investigation into AIG and its predecessors, including the C. V. Starr Insurance Companies, revealing deep connections to US intelligence dating back to the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in World War II.

These connections include documented CIA operatives connected to drug smuggling from Southeast Asia and a current board member, Frank Wisner, Jr., whose father was a key figure in the creation of the CIA. History, as well as AIG's current operations, suggest that these relationships continue unabated today.

Building on Scott's research, Michael C. Ruppert's investigation "AIG" (From The Wilderness, August 14, 2001) exhaustively deconstructed Hank Greenberg
(Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberger Group, the Trilateral Commission) and the Heritage Foundation, a former candidate for CIA director (1995), Bush family crony, and high-level functionary for all US presidents stretching back to Kennedy) and AIG, exposing continuing connections to covert operations, narcotrafficking, money laundering, and AIG's central role in the Wall Street/Washington power nexus.

In addition to explaining how "insurance" is used in intelligence operations, Ruppert tracked down then-AIG employee Coral Talavera, the wife of Medellin Cartel co-founder Carlos Lehder. The questions raised by Ruppert regarding AIG's connection to Lehder and millions in drug money (laundered between 1987-1992) remain unanswered, and the dark realities about the conglomerate, studiously ignored.
It's a cesspool... Diogenes moves on- ain't one honest man in Washington DeCeit
"every question, if it's a truthful question,can be answered by askin' it." -Bob Dylan

"Do not adjust your mind, it is reality that is malfunctioning. "- Robert Anton Wilson -

“We have, as far as possible, closed every avenue by which light may enter their (the slaves) minds.
If we could extinguish the capacity to see the light, our work would be complete;
-Virginia House of Delegates 1832,“Henty Berry