Saturday, December 09, 2006

Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney Introduces Articles of Impeachment, Faces Vicious Attacks by Media

Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has introduced articles of impeachment against George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Condoleezza Rice. In doing so, she alone has spoken for the 51 percent of Americans who Newsweek says want Bush impeached. Read McKinney's remarks.
McKinney charges that Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld manipulated intelligence and lied to justify war, and that Bush has engaged in illegal domestic spying. The former charge has been extremely well documented, and the latter proudly confessed to. The former charge was central to the concern of those who included impeachment in the U.S. Constitution. The latter charge is one of openly violating a law that was established in response to President Richard Nixon's impeachable offenses.
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9/11: The Conspiracy Files BBC Special

We all know what happened on 9/11, the day the world changed. Or do we?
The Conspiracy Files investigates the growing number of conspiracy theories surrounding the 9/11 attacks.
Incredibly some believe the American Government allowed or actively helped the attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon.
Those who question the official version believe the World Trade Centre buildings were actually demolished by explosives; others ask why there was so little damage to the Pentagon's outer wall if a plane really had hit it.
And why was America so unprepared when terror attack warnings had been received?
The Conspiracy Files travels across the United States to investigate, speaking to eye witnesses and tries to separate fact from fiction.
Producer: Guy SmithSeries Producer: Mike RudinExecutive Producer: Dominic Crossley-Holland

A Young Marine Speaks Out

By Philip Martin12/08/06 "Lew Rockwell" --- I'm sick and tired of this patriotic, nationalistic and fascist crap. I stood through a memorial service today for a young Marine that was killed in Iraq back in April. During this memorial a number of people spoke about the guy and about his sacrifice for the country. How do you justify 'sacrificing' your life for a war which is not only illegal, but is being prosecuted to the extent where the only thing keeping us there is one man's power, and his ego. A recent Marine Corps intelligence report that was leaked said that the war in the al-Anbar province is unwinnable. It said that there was nothing we could do to win the hearts and minds, or the military operations in that area. So I wonder, why are we still there? Democracy is not forced upon people at gunpoint. It's the result of forward thinking individuals who take the initiative and risks to give their fellow countrymen a better way of life.When I joined I took an oath. In that oath I swore to protect the Constitution of the United States. I didn't swear to build democracies in countries on the other side of the world under the guise of "national security." I didn't join the military to be part of an Orwellian ("1984") war machine that is in an obligatory war against whoever the state deems the enemy to be so that the populace can be controlled and riled up in a pro-nationalistic frenzy to support any new and oppressive law that will be the key to destroying the enemy. Example given – the Patriot Act. So aptly named, and totally against all that the constitution stands for. President Bush used the reactionary nature of our society to bring our country together and to infuse into the national psyche a need to give up their little-used rights in the hope to make our nation a little safer. The same scare tactics he used to win elections. He drones on and on about how America and the world would be a less safe place if we weren't killing Iraqis, and that we'd have to fight the terrorists at home if we weren't abroad. In our modern day emotive society this strategy (or strategery?) works, or had worked, up until last month's elections.
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Friday, December 08, 2006

McKinney Introduces Bill to Impeach Bush 12/8/2006

In what was likely her final legislative act in Congress, outgoing Georgia Rep. Cynthia McKinney introduced a bill Friday to impeach President Bush.
The legislation has no chance of passing and serves as a symbolic parting shot not only at Bush but also at Democratic leaders. Incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has made clear that she will not entertain proposals to sanction Bush and has warned the liberal wing of her party against making political hay of impeachment.
McKinney, a Democrat who drew national headlines in March when she struck a Capitol police officer, has long insisted that Bush was never legitimately elected. In introducing her legislation in the final hours of the current Congress, she said Bush had violated his oath of office to defend the Constitution and the nation's laws.
In the bill, she accused Bush of misleading Congress on the war in Iraq and violating privacy laws with his domestic spying program.
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9/11 - Flight 77 - SHOW ME THE PLANE

The 9/11 Conspiracy Theories (We Must Have A New And Completely Independent Investigation Into The Events Of 9/11)

The Myth:19 hijackers of Middle Eastern descent and radical Islamic persuasion, commandeer 4 airliners and expertly pilot 3 of the 4 airliners into targets, those being, the World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon. The towers collapse due to jet fuel fires. Confusion on the part of NORAD and the FAA allows the planes to reach their targets, while one plane, Flight 93, is brought down by passenger revolt and crashes into a field in Pennsylvania. Pre-warnings of the attack are bungled by the intelligence agencies' lack of communication and cooperation.
Show me proof, so that I may believe. -- 9/11 truth activistProve It:Show us the passenger lists with the 19 alleged hijackers names.Show us the remains of the 4 airliners.Show us the autopsies of the 19 alleged hijackers and the passengers of the planes.Show us a peer reviewed study that corroborates the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) report explaining the WTC collapses.Show us samples of the steel from the towers.Show us the confiscated surveillance videos that captured the alleged 757 hitting the Pentagon.Show us the personnel that were punished, reprimanded, demoted or fired as a result of the massive incompetence that allowed the attack to succeed.Show us the case against Bin Laden. The FBI does not list him as being wanted for the 9/11 attack, because 'there is no hard evidence'.Show us proof as to how WTC Building 7 fell at close to free fall speed into its own footprint, even though, it was not hit by a plane.Show us the backgrounds of the alleged hijackers and their alleged Islamic extremism.Now that Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton, the lead authors of the 9/11 Commission Report, have written that NORAD lied to them; why should we accept, at face value, any of the government's assertions?This was a brutal, criminal attack on America. Why did it take 14 months to start a commission to do an investigation into the details? After all, if one person is found murdered, an investigation starts immediately, does it not?
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Death by Dust: The frightening link between the 9-11 toxic cloud and cancer

To date, 75 recovery workers at ground zero have been diagnosed with blood cell cancers that a half-dozen top doctors and epidemiologists have confirmed as having been likely caused by that exposure. Ernie Vallabuona is one of them.
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UK Police Adorn Nazi Chic

In addition to the frenzied lawmaking, Blair has overseen the abolition of jury rights, handing cases likely to last over 3 months to the dictate of a single judge, criminalized any protest not authorized by the government under the Serious Organised Crime Act, mandated the entry of any protester into a terror database upon police questioning, created glorification of terror laws that are so sweeping they could apply to any form of free speech, eradicated habeas corpus by introducing house arrests and ever-increasing time lengths of detention without charge, attacked the notion of guilty until proven innocent by imposing curfews for under 16's, supported the use of intelligence knowingly obtained from torture in Uzbekistan and allowed the use of British airports for the 'extraordinary rendition' of terror suspects, created framework for the introduction of mandatory ID cards and implemented a national DNA database that stores records for eternity even if the suspect is acquitted of their crime.
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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Seismic Proof – 9/11 Was An Inside Job

9/11 Was An Inside Job (Updated Version II) by Craig T. Furlong & Gordon Ross (Members, Scholars for 9/11 Truth) Alfons Inerviews Craig Furlong Seismic Time Lines 1 --- Seismic Time Lines 2 Learn More
OVERVIEWThis paper is primarily concerned with the factual data surrounding the exact impact times of the two aircraft that hit WTC1 and WTC2. This is neither theory nor hypothesis, but a statement of publicized facts regarding the timing of the aircraft impacts. There exist two separate precision data time sets that address when the aircraft crashed into the Towers. Both data time sets are based on UTC (Coordinated Universal Time, the world’s atomic clock system) and the sources that determined these times were prestigious, reliable and credible. There is no question regarding the precision and accuracy of the instruments used to record both data time sets, since their entire function depends and relies upon temporal accuracy, and therefore there can be no doubt that both data time sets are correct. The time data sets represent objective scientific data recorded by two separate, independent entities.
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Why We're At War? : George Bush Is Not The Problem (Video)

John Perkins, author of "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" blows the lid of U.S. imperialism and provides the reasons as to why we are at war in the Middle East
The second of a three part speech given to the Veterans For Peace National Convention, Seattle, WA in August 2006. Author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, in this part John discusses, from first hand experience, the globalization efforts of the corporatocracy in Central and South America.
In part III John takes Q & A and discusses actions which can be taken to counter the globalization efforts of the multi-national corporations.

Baker wants Israel excluded from regional conference

The White House has been examining a proposal by James Baker to launch a Middle East peace effort without Israel.

The peace effort would begin with a U.S.-organized conference, dubbed Madrid-2, and contain such U.S. adversaries as Iran and Syria. Officials said Madrid-2 would be promoted as a forum to discuss Iraq's future, but actually focus on Arab demands for Israel to withdraw from territories captured in the 1967 war. They said Israel would not be invited to the conference.
“As Baker sees this, the conference would provide a unique opportunity for the United States to strike a deal without Jewish pressure,” an official said. “This has become the most hottest proposal examined by the foreign policy people over the last month.”
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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Congress votes to preserve internment camps

By ASSOCIATED PRESSPublished December 6, 2006
WASHINGTON - Notorious internment camps where Japanese-Americans were kept behind barbed wire during World War II will be preserved as stark reminders of how the United States turned on some of its citizens in a time of fear.
As one of its last acts, the Republican-led Congress on Tuesday sent President Bush legislation establishing a $38-million program of National Park Service grants to restore and pay for research at 10 camps where the government sent people of Japanese descent after the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Lawmakers returned Tuesday for only four days of work before Republicans call it quits after running Congress for 12 years.
Republicans already have left the biggest unfinished tasks of 2006 - approving budgets for most federal agencies - to their successors.
In other action as Congress moved toward adjourning for the year by week's end:
- Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., soon to become chairman of the Environment Committee, predicted the next Congress will pass a bill to curb greenhouse gases that are blamed for global warming.
- Senate Democrats from urban states ended a monthslong fight stalling passage of an AIDS funding bill. They freed more money for rural states where the disease is spreading fastest after planned cuts to New York and New Jersey were softened.
- The Senate passed a bill to create a new agency within the Health and Human Services Department to oversee the development of medicine and equipment to respond to a bird flu pandemic or a bioterrorism attack.
- The Senate scrapped a measure to provide $4.8-billion in disaster aid to drought-stricken farmers after Bush threatened to veto it. Conservative Republicans argued that it was to expensive.
- House and Senate negotiators worked on a final bill to allow shipments of U.S. civilian nuclear reactor fuel to India despite its development of nuclear weapons outside an international nonproliferation regime.

Calling all "V"s to NYC December 16th & 17th

USDC Case # 04CV01211The Lawsuit To Restore Constitutional OrderOBJECTIVE: Reclaim Popular Sovereignty by Enforcing The "Long-Forgotten" First Amendment Right To PetitionCURRENT STATUS: Awaiting the decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, DC LEARN MORE & access the legal documents
We the People Congress on Long Island with the approval of Headquarters is planning to inform people about the Right to Petition and the D.C. "V" rally in 2007 to the thousands of people shopping this holiday season in NYC. We would like it if we could all do this together. Dates: Saturday and Sunday Dec. 16th & 17th Time: Gather between 11:00 - 11:30 am (meeting location TBA) for you to obtain the signs, disperse to designated spots, and re-group at 5 pm to hand in signs. Where: Flyer at Times Square, Rockefeller Center, in the Village, Staten Island ferry, near Fox News Room, etc. What: In groups of 2-4 people, in our "V" costumes with hand signs and flyers, distribute flyers to inform people about the RTP, the D.C. "V" rally in 2007, and the We the People Foundation. We are looking for people to come dressed in their "V" costumes, if you do not have one that is OK too, we will pair you with someone who is wearing one. Sign Up: Please RSVP by December 13th at and let me know which days you will be available and whether or not you have a costume. I will send each of you an electronic copy of the flyer for you to print out. If you are coming from Long Island and plan on taking the train, please indicate that as well, if we get over 30 people we may be able to get a discount rate on the LIRR. General Comments: Next week details of where we'll meet, possible places to get dressed and possible hotel rooms for those that want to participate both days and don't live near by will be e-mailed to everyone. For the message we are delivering to be uniform, everyone will receive a talking sheet as to what to say about the mask and why we are here, etc. This way everyone gets the same message. I spoke with Police Officer Paul Spano of Midtown South Community Affairs Division of the NYPD and they assured me there will be no problem for us to hand out information on the side walk in costume, it is our first amendment right. I am working on obtaining a letter from the NYPD stating just that so we don't have any problems. Please dress appropriately under your "V" costume, the weather in NY has been in the mid to low 40s. Lastly, if you are interested in acquiring a "V" costume, they are available on the web at We The People Congress, Inc.2458 Ridge Road, Queensbury, New York 12804

5-day work week is a Capitol Hill culture shock

WASHINGTON - Forget the minimum wage. Or outsourcing jobs overseas. The labor issue most on the minds of members of Congress yesterday was their own: They will have to work five days a week starting in January.
The horror.
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WTC Killer Dust (Audio)

Radio Your Way
AUDIO: 9/11: Toxic Legacy (Discovery Times)
Wed Dec 6, 2006 01:23;article=106746
AUDIO: 9/11: Toxic Legacy (Recorded 12/5/06) Aprox 40 min Times :: Episode :: 9/11: Toxic LegacyFive years after 9/11, many first responders are suffering serious health complications. What was the environmental fallout from the terrorist attacks and ..Many have died......MORE:>>
Toxic Legacy: A CLOUD of dust a sunny morning in September 2001, more than twenty seven hundred people died violently in events of unimaginable horror.Another killer was unleashed that day. A slow silent poison that now threatens thousands of lives. the toxic dust and gases created by the disintegrating towers. An enormous compression wave pushed through the streets and into buildings with the force of a hurricane.Watch an excerpt from 9/11: Toxic LegacyRuns 4:39 David Prezant, the deputy medical officer of the New York City Fire Department remembers, "This sunny morning was pitch black. The ability to see in front of you was impossible. The ability to breathe was impossible and yet there was complete total silence." The dust swallowed lower Manhattan and spread outward in a giant cloud. As everyone fled, rescue workers raced into the toxic brew.Paramedic Bill Dahl was among the many who rushed to the scene. "Within five minutes you couldn't see out of your eyes because they were caked. You found yourself spitting it out, trying to clear your nose and your mouth any way you could. When you breathe it in it burns your throat, it burns your nose, it burns your eyes and everybody coughed." That night Dahl says heavy winds turned the area into a giant sandblaster.Jim Gilroy and his family fled their apartment three blocks north of Ground Zero. He did what he could to protect his baby daughter from the dust. "She was screaming. You're wrapping a wet cloth around her head but she's not going for it. But I was still trying it. We were just like refugees out on the street."When Fire chief Jack Corcoran got to the site late that night, the air was still thick with dust. "There was no furniture, there was no glass, all that paper. Everything was either molten hot or pulverized. Anybody that was in that pile, I knew they weren't going to survive. There was no way they could get through that."At the White House, dust was not an issue on anyone's agenda that day, getting America back to normal was. President Bush told advisors that he wanted New York back in business – by the next day if possible. But with thousands missing, the first priority was the search for survivors. Senator Hillary Clinton was one of the observers who were uneasy about the effects of the foul air on the rescuers. "I saw the firefighters coming out the haze and the dust, and looking not only exhausted but just covered from head to foot with soot and other debris, and I asked, someone who was there, I said 'are they using respirators, are they getting some kind of respite from this?' And I was told oh yes fine, you know, fine, don't need to worry about it."EPA adminstrator Christie Todd Whitman assures workers that the air was safe.Concerns about the level of toxicity in the air were quickly allayed by the Environmental Protection Agency. Forty-eight hours after the towers' collapsed EPA administrator Christie Todd Whitman spoke to the press from Ground Zero. "Right now we're not getting any elevated levels that indicate concern. We have monitored in Brooklyn, we are monitoring in what within a ten block area, in ten blocks of this area and again levels are all well below any indication of a health risk," she said.During those first few desperate days concern for their own health was not on the minds of the thousands of rescue workers who poured into Ground Zero. Among them was ironworker John Sferazo. As with so many others, he has never recovered from what he saw. "There's nothing like witnessing it, that eerie feeling of knowing that there's dead all around, that silence and smell of the death that took place." He and other rescue workers raced against the clock in the dust and smoke. "This is what most of us suffer the most from, being there to help and not finding any survivors but body parts instead.papers and smoke and tragedy. That the best way to explain it - horror. We were there. We were there for America."Watch a report by New York Times environmental reporter Anthony DePalma about the government response.Runs 5:26 America was there for them. Three days after the attack President Bush addressed the country's newest heroes at Ground Zero. "I can hear you. I can hear you. The rest of the world hears you, and the people and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon." "The feeling very much was that it was the system that was under attack. Not those two buildings. And so the response was to show that while we might have been hurt, we were not out of the fight. So it was important to get Wall Street back and operating," remembers Anthony DePalma, reporter from the New York Times.See a graphic which shows what was in the dust(opens in a new window)Courtesy of the New York Times days after 9/11, the New York Stock Exchange reopened. Foul smelling smoke and dust still hung over the city, but America was open for business. And on September 18th, the EPA released a statement that would have far reaching consequences. It made official what Whitman had been saying for days. The air is safe to breathe."We all laughed. We said this is ridiculous. I don't know what sample is she taking, but we all looked at each other in disbelief. Not that it made a difference. We weren't going home. We were going to stay for the duration. We were going to get this job done," remembers architect Ron Vega who knew his way around all kinds of building sites. But, he says, Ground Zero was another world. "Here we are, in a basically a seven-storey high toxic sandpit, where if you just kick it up you can send toxins into your body that could hurt you for life. You know, ten times the amount that one little scratch of asbestos on a pipe in a basement can do."Architect Ron Vega worked on the site.The dust created that day was a substance that no one had ever been exposed to before. Everything in the towers had been pulverized and burnt - windows, lights, computers, plastics, fiberglass tiles and asbestos insulation. It contained more than one hundred different compounds, some of which have never been identified. And other dangers swirled in the air. Carcinogens were released from the site's massive superheated fires, although exactly what was in the technicolor smoke that engulfed the workers will never be known. It may take years before the effects of all the contaminants are revealed, but doctors do know that pulverized concrete, ground glass and acid mist caused respiratory irritation and inflammation.As the rescue efforts moved to recovery and the days moved to weeks workers began to feel disturbing side effects. Architect Ron Vega, "You couldn't feel healthy on that site. It was impossible. Your eyes were tearing, your chest was always tight. You're always coughing up something. So we knew we were sick day one. But we always thought that once we left the site, we'd get better. We always said, you're working in a swimming pool, you're going to get wet. Once you get out, you'd be all right." 9/11 INFO AND LINKS:

New Pentagon Video: Again, where is the Plane?

Why The Quiet Release Of The Doubletree 9/11 Video? Where was the FOX news fanfare? Total media blackout suggests new strategy may be to ignore 9/11 questions
There has been a total media blackout on the release of the Doubletree Hotel video that shows the explosion at the Pentagon on 9/11 but does not reveal any footage of the impact. This may suggest that the corporate media has adopted a new strategy of ignorance towards questions concerning the official 9/11 story.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Israel is on freshman lawmakers' to-do list

WASHINGTON: Foundation-funded trip is popular with legislatorsBy Alana Y. Price and Lindsay Blakely Times Washington Bureau
This story ran on on Sunday, December 3, 2006 12:11 AM CST
WASHINGTON New office on Capitol Hill? Check. Orientation to congressional protocols? Check. All-expense paid trip to Israel? Add that to the freshman lawmaker's calendar.Next year first-term members of Congress could be initiated into an unofficial Washington tradition -- flying to Israel, one of the top foreign destinations for privately sponsored congressional travel. Every two years -- the years between elections -- the American Israel Education Foundation invites House and Senate members to gain firsthand knowledge about a region they will influence through legislation.
The education foundation is a nonprofit arm of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee -- AIPAC, one of the most powerful lobbies in Washington. A 2005 National Journal survey of congressional insiders ranked AIPAC second most influential lobbying group among Democratic lawmakers and fourth among Republicans.The pro-Israel organization made headlines in August when two of its former lobbyists were charged with conspiring to pass on national defense information to the Israeli government.
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DETROIT -- Did Citigroup, one of the most powerful financial institutions in the world, help transfer funds into accounts used to bankroll terrorism? Why do prominent Saudis involved in funneling money to "charitable" accounts that end up funding terrorism escape scrutiny?
Why would the FBI, when given evidence of such conduct, promise to investigate, and then wait 17 months to question the whistleblower? Why would the FBI then suddenly drop the probe just two weeks into it?
These questions haunt Leonard D. Wallace, and the Florida-based financial consultant has spent more than five years working to expose and unravel a baffling $5 billion deal involving Citigroup, a fabulously wealthy Saudi prince and money transfers bouncing around the world.
Wallace suspects money shuffling into what the Saudi government dubbed an Account 98. These are supposed to be accounts supporting humanitarian causes, but some of the money from them has been given to the families of suicide bombers, honored "martyrs." Saudi money has enabled and nurtured al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden's operations from the get-go. Those funds and the spiritual inspiration of radical clerics helped provide bin Laden with the 15 Saudi hijackers of the 19 he used in the 9/11 attacks.
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Monday, December 04, 2006


Veteran invitation,You are invited to attend a prestigious, historical event set forDecember 16th, 2006. The Boston Truth Tea Party will includespeeches by notable 9/11 truth advocates including retired Col.Robert Bowman, Kevin Barrett, Barbara Honnegger, retired Lt. DennisMorriseau, Gabriel Day of, Les Jamieson of NY 9/11Truth, and many 9/11 North East regional advocates. The theatricalevent itself will include the reading of a formal proclamationcondemning the official Independent 9/11 Commission Report, thegovernment's exploitation of that tragedy to conduct wars ofaggression, and it's abuse of power, its avoidance of transparenttruth and accountability, its oppression of American citizens, andits violation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.This call to citizen attention is an important one as the goal is toreach the people who are mere victims of the 9/11 official spin andits justification for currently 2 illegal wars with others to followif we "stay the course". The open air event pays homage to those whosacrificed so long ago to provide the freedoms we strive to protect,as we collectively march from historical Fannueil Hall, to the BostonHarbor to theatrically dispose of mock crates filled with commissionreports. The success of this event can only be bolstered byparticipation or attendance of those who unselfishly sacrificed inthe past to protect our country and its citizens, and now standtogether for the protection of those who sacrifice now and in thefuture, as well as the safety of our citizens and all humanity alike,and the protection of the Constitution for which our first allegiancewas sworn to so many years ago for many of us.This is the events official flyer, I encourage allveterans who are able to attend to please do so, and I salute all whohave participated thus far in the protection of America and itscitizens, and the restoration of our way of life as it was intendedby our forefathers and those who followed them.Signed,Lawrence PatriarcaUS Navy 1983-1986Boston Truth Tea Party committee member and event Master of CeremoniesCentral Mass 9/11 Truth AllianceVeterans for 9/11 TruthAssociate member Scholars for TruthCosigned,Dr. Robert Bowman,US Air Force 1956-1978 for 9/11 Truth

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Exodus of senior Pentagon officials expected

Navy Times:
A procession of senior defense officials is expected to leave the Pentagon in the wake of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s resignation, allowing nominee Robert Gates to install his own people in key positions.
Peter Rodman will be the first to go; the assistant secretary of defense for international policy is expected to submit his resignation Nov. 14, then join the Brookings Institution, a Washington think tank, as a scholar, sources said.
A Brookings spokesman declined to comment.
The exodus will not include Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England, who was asked by Gates last week to remain at his post as the Pentagon’s chief operating officer.
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This is the third and final volume of a trilogy describing the role of the American corporate socialists, otherwise known as the Wall Street financial elite or the Eastern Liberal Establishment, in three significant twentieth-century historical events: the 1917 Lenin-Trotsky Revolution in Russia, the 1933 election of Franklin D. Roosevelt in the United States, and the 1933 seizure of power by Adolf Hitler in Germany.
Each of these events introduced some variant of socialism into a major country — i.e., Bolshevik socialism in Russia, New Deal socialism in the United States, and National socialism in Germany.
Contemporary academic histories, with perhaps the sole exception of Carroll Quigley's Tragedy And Hope, ignore this evidence. On the other hand, it is understandable that universities and research organizations, dependent on financial aid from foundations that are controlled by this same New York financial elite, would hardly want to support and to publish research on these aspects of international politics. The bravest of trustees is unlikely to bite the hand that feeds his organization.
It is also eminently clear from the evidence in this trilogy that "public-spirited businessmen" do not journey to Washington as lobbyists and administrators in order to serve the United States. They are in Washington to serve their own profit-maximizing interests. Their purpose is not to further a competitive, free-market economy, but to manipulate a politicized regime, call it what you will, to their own advantage.
It is business manipulation of Hitler's accession to power in March 1933 that is the topic of Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler
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