Tuesday, October 28, 2008

About Electric Cars

About Electric Cars:
"pure electric cars require charging stations" They do not! All you need is to switch out the battery with a charged one. If the batteries are standardized as they are in flash lights etc. then you would just replace the dead battery, with a charged battery. So you don’t need charging stations, you need battery exchange stations. The batteries could be mounted on rollers that would make the R & R quick and easy. The battery station would charge and maintain the batteries, and the consumer would lease the batteries like a service contract. This is a simple way to conquer the range problem with electric cars.
Electric motors are 3 to 4 times more efficient than Internal Combustion Engines.
The people of the USA would save on gas:

390 million gallons/day gas consumption in the USA @ $4.00/gal = $1,560,000,000 dollars per day spent x 75% = $1,170,000,000 dollars per day saved x 365 days per year = $427,050,000,000 per/yr that is 427 billion per year in dollars saved, that would pay for a lot of Wallstreet bail outs!
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