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Fwd: MTV Canada Plugs Loose Change: Final Cut

MTV Canada Plugs Loose Change: Final Cut

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Fwd: [UQ-Wire] UQ Wire: Commission Confidential - Rove & Zelikow

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UQ Wire: Commission Confidential - Rove & Zelikow

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UQ Wire: Commission Confidential - Rove & Zelikow
New book links Karl Rove to 9/11 Commission coverup
Report From Max Holland - Washington DeCoded

Dear members of the media
From Kyle F. Hence
9/11 Citizenswatch

There need to be hearings now about this deeply compromised commission.
Rove and Zelikow must be issued subpoenas, as should the telecom
companies to get their cell phone records of all communications
between Zelikow and senior officials at the White House. Accountability
and transparency are hallmarks of a healthy government beholden
to the people it serves. With this Commission we got neither
and as a result the entire Commission Report must be called
into question. A new investigation is now required to do what
the Zelikow Commission did not do, fulfill its mandate to provide
a "full accounting of the facts and circumstances" surrounding
the September 11th attacks.

9/11 CitizensWatch, which I served as Co-Director, was the first
to formally call for the resignation of Zelikow, closely followed
by the Jersey widows of the 9/11 Family Steering Committee.
We were far more right and justified than we even knew at the
time. And now that we know this about Zelikow and we know that
the Commission failed to answer 70% of the questions posed by
the Family Steering Committee the case is now clear the U.S.
Government must convene a new investigation, this time, co-chaired
by a member of the 9/11 Family Steering Committee and a formally
appointed public advocate who sits with the Commissioners. But
first hearings are in order and should be conducted immediately
by the House Oversight Committee and Senate Government Affairs
Committee. It's time to do right by the victims, their families
and the nation and re-open this 9/11 investigation. Chairman
Kean and Vice-Chair Hamilton should be called upon to fully
support this new investigation in light of their betrayal of
their promise to conduct a full and fair independent investigation.

9/11 CitizensWatch will soon issue an open letter to the Congress
on this issue. And one to the former Commissions and staff.
Look for it ahead of the release of Shenon's book on the 5th.


Kyle F. Hence
9/11 Citizenswatch

Also, check out:

Washington DeCoded -
Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful .
. .
and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.
George Orwell, 1946
Commission Confidential
EXTRA By Max Holland

In a revelation bound to cast a pall over the 9/11 Commission,
Philip Shenon will report in a forthcoming book that the panel's
executive director, Philip Zelikow, engaged in “surreptitious”
communications with presidential adviser Karl Rove and other
Bush administration officials during the commission's 20-month
investigation into the 9/11 attacks.

Shenon, who led The New York Times' coverage of the 9/11 panel,
reveals the Zelikow-Rove connection in a new book entitled The
Commission: The Uncensored History of the 9/11 Investigation,
to be published next month by Twelve Books. The Commission is
under an embargo until its February 5 publication, but Washington
DeCoded managed to purchase a copy of the abridged audio version
from a New York bookstore.

In what's termed an "investigation of the investigation," Shenon
purports to tell the story of the commission from start to finish.
The book's critical revelations, however, revolve almost entirely
around the figure of Philip Zelikow, a University of Virginia
professor and director of the Miller Center of Public Affairs
prior to his service as the commission's executive director.
Shenon delivers a blistering account of Zelikow's role and leadership,
and an implicit criticism of the commissioners for appointing
Zelikow in the first place, and then allowing him to stay on
after his myriad conflicts-of-interest were revealed under oath.

Shenon’s narrative is built from extensive interviews with
staff members and several, if not all, the commissioners. He
depicts Zelikow as exploiting his central position to negate
or neutralize criticism of the Bush administration so that the
White House would not bear, in November 2004, the political
burden of failing to prevent the attacks.

The Commission includes these specific revelations:

--Kean and Hamilton appreciated that Zelikow was a friend and
former colleague of then-national security adviser Condoleeza
Rice, one of the principal officials whose conduct would be
scrutinized. Zelikow had served with her on the National Security
Council (NSC) during the presidency of Bush's father, and they
had written a book together about German reunification. The
commission co-chairmen also knew of Zelikow's October 2001 appointment
to the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board. According
to Shenon, however, Zelikow failed to disclose several additional
and egregious conflicts-of-interest, among them, the fact that
he had been a member of Rice's NSC transition team in 2000-01.
In that capacity, Zelikow had been the "architect" responsible
for demoting Richard Clarke and his counter-terrorism team within
the NSC. As Shenon puts it, Zelikow "had laid the groundwork
for much of went wrong at the White House in the weeks and months
before September 11. Would he want people to know that?"

--Karen Heitkotter, the commission's executive secretary, was
taken aback on June 23, 2003 when she answered the telephone
for Zelikow at 4:40 PM and heard a voice intone, “This is
Karl Rove. I’m looking for Philip.” Heitkotter knew that
Zelikow had promised the commissioners he would cut off all
contact with senior officials in the Bush administration. Nonetheless,
she gave Zelikow’s cell phone number to Rove. The next day
there was another call from Rove at 11:35 AM. Subsequently,
Zelikow would claim that these calls pertained to his “old
job” at the University of Virginia’s Miller Center.

--The full extent of Zelikow's involvement with the incumbent
administration only became evident within the commission on
October 8, 2003, almost halfway into the panel’s term. Determined
to blunt the Jersey Girls’ call for his resignation or recusal,
Zelikow proposed that he be questioned under oath about his activities.
General counsel Daniel Marcus, who conducted the sworn interview,
brought a copy of the résumé Zelikow had provided to Kean
and Hamilton. None of the activities Zelikow now detailed, his
role on Rice's transition team, his instrumental role in Clarke's
demotion, his authorship of a post-9/11 pre-emptive attack Doctrine,
were mentioned in the résumé. Zelikow blandly asserted to
Marcus that he did not see “any of this as a major conflict
of interest.” Marcus’s conclusion was that Zelikow “should
never have been hired” as executive director. But the only
upshot from these shocking disclosures was that Zelikow was
involuntarily recused from that part of the investigation which
involved the presidential transition, and barred from participating
in subsequent interviews of senior Bush administration officials.

--Some two months later, as Bob Kerrey replaced disgruntled ex-Senator
Max Cleland on the panel, the former Nebraska senator became
astounded once he understood Zelikow’s obvious conflicts-of-interest
and his very limited recusal. Kerrey could not understand how
Kean and Hamilton had ever agreed to put Zelikow in charge.
“Look Tom,” Kerrey told Kean, “either he goes or I go.”
But Kean persuaded Kerrey to drop his ultimatum.

--In late 2003, around the time his involuntary recusal was imposed,
Zelikow called executive secretary Karen Heitkotter into his
office and ordered her to stop creating records of his incoming
telephone calls. Concerned that the order was improper, a nervous
Heitkotter soon told general counsel Marcus. He advised her
to ignore Zelikow’s order and continue to keep a log of his
telephone calls, insofar as she knew about them.

--Although Shenon could not obtain from the GAO an unredacted
record of Zelikow’s cell phone use--and Zelikow used his cell
phone for most of his outgoing calls--the Times reporter was
able to establish that Zelikow made numerous calls to “456”
numbers in the 202 area code, which is the exclusive prefix of
the White House.

--Even after his recusal, Zelikow continued to insert himself
into the work of "Team 3," the task force responsible for the
most politically-sensitive part of the investigation, counter-terrorism
policy. This brief encompassed the White House, which meant
investigating the conduct of Condoleeza Rice and Richard Clarke
during the months prior to 9/11. Team 3 staffers would come
to believe that Zelikow prevented them from submitting a report
that would have depicted Rice's performance as "amount[ing] to
incompetence, or something not far from it."

--In Without Precedent, Kean and Hamilton's 2006 account of the
9/11 panel, the two co-chairmen wrote that Zelikow was a controversial

. . [but] we had full confidence in Zelikow's independence and
ability--and frankly, we wanted somebody who was unafraid to
roil the waters from time to time. He recused himself from anything
involving his work on the NSC transition. He made clear his determination
to conduct an aggressive investigation. And he was above all
a historian dedicated to a full airing of the facts. It was
clear from people who knew and worked with him that Zelikow
would not lead a staff inquiry that did anything less than uncover
the most detailed and accurate history of 9/11.

Shenon's radically different account of the commission's inner
workings promises to achieve what none of the crackpot conspiracy
theorists have managed to do so far: put the 9/11 Commission
in disrepute.


not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the above article.
We present this in the interests of research -for the relevant
information we believe it contains. We hope that the reader finds
in it inspiration to work with us further, in helping to build
bridges between our various investigative communities, towards
a greater, common understanding of the unanswered questions which
now lie before us.


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Mark Larson Interviews Romney and Loses it!!!!

The Autopsy On The Not-So-Sudden Death Of America

The Autopsy On The Not-So-Sudden Death Of America

Jim Kirwan


When history looks back upon this nightmare there will no doubt be a
vast number of listed causes for the death of this Republic- among
them will no doubt be the critical failure of the individual citizens
to even be conscious of what was happening to their country or to
their lives-while the Globalists, the Money- Changers, the Secret
Societies, and all the various political cabals combined: to
literally drain the wealth and life from a once proud nation and its

The above process equates with 'Death by a thousand cuts' but that
was subtle compared to what happened to us on 911, after the gloves
came off.

Virtually every area of human activity came under attack by the
Federal Government upon the very people they were supposed to protect
and serve!

A primary example of these attacks came with the acknowledged spying
on Americans that began seven months before 911 happened, which set
the tone for all that was to follow. This was augmented by the near
immediate passage of the USA P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act which had been
written and was waiting in the wings to be implemented; shortly after
the attacks on New York and the Pentagon. Mountains of bureaucracy
were imploded to forcefully merge 22 separate agencies of the federal
government into something called Homeland Security-with 180,000
employees-to insure that virtually no complaints concerning
government actions would ever be heard.

Then in the middle on the unfinished War on Afghanistan, all focus
was suddenly shifted to Iraq with great fanfare and no plausible
reason for our even being there.

Case in point:

"WASHINGTON - A study by two nonprofit journalism organizations found
that President Bush and top administration officials issued hundreds
of false statements about the national security threat from Iraq in
the two years following the 2001 terrorist attacks.

The study counted 935 false statements in the two-year period. It
found that in speeches, briefings, interviews and other venues, Bush
and administration officials stated unequivocally on at least 532
occasions that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction or was trying to
produce or obtain them or had links to al-Qaida or both.

Named in the study along with Bush were top officials of the
administration during the period studied: Vice President Dick
Cheney, national security adviser Condoleezza Rice, Defense Secretary
Donald H. Rumsfeld, Secretary of State Colin Powell, Deputy Defense
Secretary Paul Wolfowitz and White House press secretaries Ari
Fleischer and Scott McClellan.

Bush led with 259 false statements, 231 about weapons of mass
destruction in Iraq and 28 about Iraq's links to al-Qaida, the study
found. That was second only to Powell's 244 false statements about
weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and 10 about Iraq and al-

The center said the study was based on a database created with public
statements over the two years beginning on Sept. 11, 2001, and
information from more than 25 government reports, books, articles,
speeches and interviews.

"The cumulative effect of these false statements - amplified by
thousands of news stories and broadcasts - was massive, with the
media coverage creating an almost impenetrable din for several
critical months in the run-up to war," the study concluded." (1)

Given this level of mega-lies and intentional official deceit that
led to the deaths of millions of people ­ it would seem that the
public who supported and paid for this war for six long years, would
have made their objections very clear, once the facts were exposed.
This has yet to happen. However the far greater threat to the
Republic came from the apparent inability of the public to understand
how lawlessness at the very top would eventually undermine any
semblance of law and order in the nation as a whole.

When a Republic allows it's leaders to disregard the laws and simply
write their own tickets-for whatever momentary advantage- be that for
torture, for detention, for obstructing all investigations of their
actions, while undermining all the other civil laws and duties that
government is and was charged with maintaining: Turns any thought of
a free and democratically structured Republic, into a national and
international farce, from which there can be no recourse except that
the Outlaws be overthrown!

Another area to be dissected in this Autopsy might look into what
actually happened to the once sovereign States that composed this
country. The Outlaws, in the personage of the Decider, first took
away the State National Guard units and federalized them, for use in
their unilateral and illegal invasions of both Afghanistan and Iraq.
Most people followed that but have missed what continues to happen in
a myriad of new rulings regarding medicine, the new National ID Card,
as well as many decisions that involve issues that cross state lines.
Often these decisions are taken without the consent of the governors-
but always without the consent of the public. For all intents and
purposes there are no longer any State Governments in the US: they
have become merely fossilized parts of an unworkable bureaucracy that
is routinely overridden by federal governmental obsessions.

The Clean Air Act in California, the Medical Marijuana Laws in
California and the rebellion among several states over the National
ID Card, along with the total collapse of the Southern borders that
have left the border states open to predatory migration: because the
Feds refuse to stop the migrant workers that continue to flood into
the country, Without their own State National Guard, the States are
powerless to interrupt these practices. In instance after instance
the federal government has taken upon itself all sorts of oversight
responsibilities-despite the fact that everything they already
oversee has become nothing but a payola driven scheme that has
nothing to do with actual regulation: The FCC, The FDA, The EPA, and
on and on.

Despite their horrific record of massive failures on all fronts the
feds keep on trying to force their way into every aspect of society,
even and especially when no one asked them to intervene. Look back
upon The War on Poverty, The War on Drugs, to name just two ­ these
were exercises in complete fantasy that left the nation much worse
off today than ever before. (2)

Poverty has exploded and Healthcare is non-existent right along with
job opportunities so of course there will be bone-crushing poverty,
complicated by disease, and illnesses of all kinds. And as
for "drugs" the DEA is known far and wide, and their reputation is
nothing to brag about. Now our spoiled brats have taken to robbing
their parent's medicine cabinets of prescription drugs, no need to
deal with the sleazy dealers in the streets. Did you know that
America has a "Drug Czar" ­ guess we thought the Russian twist might
lend the title something more than usual? But he's utterly useless,
almost as useless as the Director of Homeland Security; because in
reality that is the job of the president of the USA and it cannot
legally be outsourced-yet it was!

But the greatest failures must be reserved for the people. Because in
each and every instance 'everything not specifically mentioned in the
US Constitution was by law reserved to the people.' And since the
people became completely enthralled within the hundreds of mirrors
that they chose to represent their every fantasy, in their all-too-
busy existences, they have failed miserably to hold any official to
account, for any action taken or denied by this so- called
government. In doing this the people have spoken, and what they have
continued to say for the last seven years is very ugly.

"Go ahead, take my money, kill my job, crush my family life, steal my
constitutional rights and then lie about everything you've done to
me." But whatever you do-continue to keep the truth from me and from
those I say I love."

This is what has become the new American Way of Death by dishonor, by
fraud, through deceit and always steeped in the Fear of Fear itself-
topped off by paranoia and segregated from all other people so that
no suspicion can attach itself to any action that the former-citizen-
now consumer-might have been involved in.

As if this were not enough now the public is about to have their
thoughts officially opened to governmental examination, and when
appropriate, individuals will be arrested and charged with the new
Thought-Crimes legislation that is still pending in the Senate (S-
1959). When this law passes, that will pretty much mark the end of
any further pretence that there ever was a free or democratic nation
in this place. Any Questions?

Why would there be questions, now that you have nothing left to lose:
you've already given up-they own you outright! Just look again at the
pitiful bribe they want to get you to agree to. It's there tiny
gesture to keep you from turning out into the streets en mass!
They've already taken everything, and you let them - because you
tried to be "the smartest people on the planet!" When you "took their
easy money: "Only suckers play by the Rules" that was your motto: and
now that has come back to bite you where it hurts the most.

There is a huge difference between Life and Existence; and they are
not interchangeable:

You have no money, your precious properties are tuning into
nightmares, right along with your credit ratings-and what do you do?
You look to the same Privateers that designed this Tar Baby to "bail
you out" ­ you are pathetic America. Not only because of all of the
above, but because you still refuse to fight this vile criminality in
which you are complicit.

No nation can stand when its people refuse to think of anything or
anyone but themselves-while ignoring all else:

how could so many fail to see this coming? Whatever happened then,
one thing remains crystal clear: if people do not begin to speak up
now then nothing on earth can save this former Republic.


1) False Statements Preceded War

2) The War on Poverty



Freedom of Speech H,R, 1955 video

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fwd: How Did Israeli Spy Software Get Onto Critical FAA Computers?

About Christopher Bollyn
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How Did Israeli Spy Software Get Onto Critical FAA

The deathly precision of the attacks and the magnitude of
planning would have required years of planning. Such a sophisticated
operation would require the fixed frame of a state intelligence
organization; something not found in a loose group, like the one led
by the student Mohammed Atta in Hamburg.

- Eckehardt Werthebach, former president of Germany's
Verfassungsschutz intelligence service, comments on the
sophistication and complexity of the 9-11 attacks; from a
conversation with Christopher Bollyn, December 2001

Solving 9-11

How Did Israeli Spy Software Get Onto Critical FAA

By Christopher Bollyn
28 January 2008

Copyright © 2008

The Deputy Administrator of the Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA) at the time of 9-11 and the former Managing
Director of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the man
who oversaw the federal investigation of TWA 800, Egypt Air 990, and
the downing of John F. Kennedy's plane, are linked with a captain of
Israeli army intelligence and his system to remotely control

The relationship between these appointed officials of the
federal agencies responsible for aviation safety with a senior
officer of a foreign military intelligence raises serious questions
about the degree of Israeli influence at the FAA and NTSB.


The dependence of the U.S. government and military on
computer systems, which run on software provided by outside vendors,
is the Achilles' heel of the world's most powerful nation. 9-11 was
clear proof of that fundamental weakness and vulnerability.

9-11 was a computer crime. Apart from being a monstrous
crime of mass murder and false flag terrorism, 9-11 was also a
sophisticated computer crime, carried out through long-term foreign
infiltration of the most sensitive U.S. military and government
computer networks.

This infiltration, carried out by a foreign intelligence
agency, gave the perpetrators of 9-11 "real-time" access to all the
data on the computers of the U.S. government and military. On 9-11,
this "super-user" access to the data of the most critical government
computer networks gave the terrorists the ability to thwart the
military response to the emergency as it developed.

Most importantly, the terrorists who committed 9-11
through their "super-user" access to the most critical computer
networks of the U.S. government still have that access. The evidence
indicates that this infiltration was carried out by the military
intelligence agency of the State of Israel.

PTECH & 9-11

The subject of computer sabotage in relation to the
aerial attacks of 9-11 was brought to the fore by Indira Singh, who
spoke at early 9-11 truth events organized by Kyle Hence.

During these early 9-11 "truth" events, a small
Massachusetts-based software company called Ptech was brought up by
Singh, who sought to link it to Arab terrorists.

Ptech was said to be a start-up company from Quincy,
Mass. whose software was loaded onto the most sensitive computer
systems across the U.S. government, including those of the Federal
Aviation Administration (FAA) and the U.S. Air Force, two agencies
whose systems failed miserably on 9-11.

Singh, a senior consultant with JP Morgan Chase on 9-11,
is described as a "whistle-blower" because of her revelations about
Ptech's involvement with the critical computer systems that failed on

"Ptech was with MITRE Corporation in the basement of the
FAA for two years prior to 9/11," Singh said. "Their specific job is
to look at interoperability issues the FAA had with NORAD and the Air
Force in the case of an emergency. If anyone was in a position to
know that the FAA -- that there was a window of opportunity or to
insert software or to change anything -- it would have been Ptech
along with MITRE."

Singh has spoken extensively about Ptech's alleged
connections with Saudi Arabia, for example with Pacifica Radio in

"Maybe those organizations don't fully know who their
masters are. And Ptech is the one thread, the one golden thread you
pull on and all of this is unraveled, because it goes into the
corporations, it goes into these government entities, it goes into
the terrorism financing entities that were, that none of which have
been, by the way, taken to task. There are just so many questions
about what does this all mean. And as we investigated, as I
investigated further, we found that the origins of Ptech were very
interesting - where did this company come from obviously is the first
question. And how did they get to be so powerful, who were the
people, who were the organizations that brought them in, who knew,
who gave them the power?"

Ptech software "is utilized at the highest levels of
almost every government and military and defense organization in this
country," Singh said, "including the Secret Service, the FBI, the
Department of Defense, the House of Representatives, the Treasury
Department, the IRS, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Air Force, and, last but
not least, the Federal Aviation Administration."

I found it hard to believe that the most sensitive
government and military computers would run enterprise software from
a Lebanese-owned start-up company called Ptech from Quincy, Mass.
All the talk about the Saudi-financier behind Ptech being linked to
Osama bin Laden smelled like a "cut out" to me.

It simply did not make sense that the most secure
computer systems of the U.S. government would be running software
written by a Lebanese Muslim financed by a Saudi who happened to be
on the most-wanted list of global terrorists.

When I turned my attention to Ptech, I soon discovered
that the real key person involved in the development of the company
was a Zionist Jewish lawyer named Michael Goff from Worcester, Mass.
Goff also worked for an Israeli-run computer security company called
Guardium. This confirmed my suspicion that Ptech was probably an
Arab "cut out" controlled by the Mossad, and that Goff was their
point man in Ptech.

Michael S. Goff,
Mossad's Man at Ptech

Goff's father and grandfather had been high-level Masons
in the Worcester lodge of B'nai B'rith, a secret Jewish Masonic group
formed in New York City in 1843. Goff obviously lied to me about how
he had gotten involved with Ptech in 1994 when he said that he had
wound up becoming the manager of the company through a temporary

It seemed to me that the Ptech cut-out had been exposed.
My revelations about Ptech's Zionist roots were published in a
newspaper based in Washington, D.C. Singh, however, ignored the
evidence of Israeli involvement with the creation of Ptech and
continued to accuse the company of being linked to Saudi sponsors of
terror. Meanwhile, Ptech software is still running on U.S.
government and military computers.

Singh and I were asking the same questions: How did
Ptech get to be so powerful? Who were the people, who were the
organizations that brought them in? Who knew? Who gave them the

After 9-11, the crucial question was how did Ptech's
software get loaded onto the critical U.S. government networks -
particulary those of the FAA, the U.S. Air Force, and NORAD.

Who, in their right mind, would have allowed Ptech
personnel and software anywhere near the FAA's core air traffic
control system computers in Herndon, Virginia?

During my research about the military exercises that were
on-going when 9-11 occurred, I read documents about how the FAA and
NEADS computer systems failed. The FAA, in particular, was extremely
slow to contact the military about the rogue aircraft of 9-11. In
one case, one of the rogue aircraft had been allowed to fly without
communication for nearly 30 minutes before the military was notified.


The flawed and delayed FAA procedures and communications
with the military are at "the heart of the matter," as 9-11 relative
Kristen Breitweiser said:

"You know, it is very upsetting that the 9/11 Commission
had to subpoena the Federal Aviation Administration [FAA]. According
to news reports, there are 150,000 documents that were left out of
what the FAA sent to the commission. Those documents went toward the
time line of when the FAA notified the North American Aerospace
Defense Command [NORAD], when the fighter jets were scrambled and the
communications between air-traffic control and the pilots. These are
threshold issues that go to the heart of the matter. How did the FAA
overlook 150,000 documents pertaining to these issues? It is more
than mildly upsetting that they would leave out these documents."


In the documents about the FAA failures on 9-11, I came
across the name of a Monte R. Belger, acting deputy administrator of
the FAA at the time. A long-term FAA official who began his career
with the FAA in Chicago, Monte Belger was the senior official who
oversaw the upgrading of the FAA air traffic computer systems that
began in the late 1990s and which was on-going in 2001.

Monte Belger, Acting Deputy of the FAA from 1997-2002,
was the key official responsible for the computerized air traffic
control system that MITRE and Ptech were loading with Israeli spyware.

Belger, as the Acting Deputy Administrator for Air
Traffic Services and System Operations, was the key man at the FAA
making the executive decisions about these upgrades.

As the New York Times of June 7, 2001, reported:

"The aviation agency is installing a computer system that
controllers can use to determine whether airplanes can depart from
established traffic lanes and fly long distances, and whether they
will conflict with other airplanes by doing so."

Belger was the key decision maker at the Federal Aviation
Administration, responsible for the software and computer upgrades
that involved Ptech, the suspicious upgrades which were being done
during the years prior to 9-11.

Documents and reports from the MITRE Center for Advanced
Aviation System Development in McLean, Virginia, show that Ptech was
working with MITRE on FAA computer systems.

As his on-line biography says, Belger, a 30-year veteran
of the FAA, was Acting Deputy Administrator for the FAA for five
years, from 1997-2002, leading the 49,000-person team and in charge
of operating the world's safest aviation system.

During his tenure with the FAA, Belger was the Associate
Administrator for Air Traffic Services, responsible for day-to-day
operations of the nation's airspace system, and supervised the FAA's
modernization plan aimed at improving aviation capacity, safety and
service to airlines. Belger played a pivotal role in assisting in the
transition of aviation security responsibilities from the FAA to the
new Transportation Security Administration, and he co-chaired the
FAA's successful efforts to adopt acquisition and personnel reform.
Belger retired from the FAA in September 2002.


After he left the FAA, Belger became the "Vice President,
Government Connection" of a small Israeli-run company based in the
Fort Lauderdale area called U.S. Aviation Technology. The company
was founded by Ehud "Udi" Mendelson, who described himself as "a
captain in the prestigious Army Intelligence Unit of the Israel
Defense Force."

"Ehud received his BS Degree in Business and Economics
from the Bar-Elan [sic] University in Tel-Aviv, Israel. He holds a
computer Network Engineer certification from Microsoft and Novel,"
according to his webpage.

Company documents and information from the Israel Venture
Capital Research Center website specifically name Monte Belger of
Centreville, Virginia, as a Vice President and Government Connection
of U.S. Aviation Technology LLC.

Mendelson, age 51, was also the Chief Technology Officer
of U.S. Aviation Technology, which was based in his apartment in
Parkland, Florida. Mendelson's company promoted a remote-control
system that allows a "ground pilot" to monitor and adjust the
computer flight systems on aircraft. As he says in his
presentations, "We put the ground 'pilot' in the cockpit."

His software and design was promoted as a system to
obtain real-time data from the aircraft's computer recorders (black
box, FDR) in order to monitor flight systems - and make corrections -
if necessary. The possibility to remotely hijack a plane with
Mendelson's system is obvious.

Mendelson also promoted a Flight Data Animator, which he
said gives the ground pilot all of the data and the visuals that the
pilot in the aircraft has. In the two on-line presentations of this
equipment it is implied that corrections can be made by the ground
pilot to avoid an accident or situation.

The data is sent via satellite to the satellite antenna
on the top of the aircraft. This software and equipment clearly
would allow the ground "pilot" to fly the aircraft. Mendelson was
promoting his software and system before 9-11 and hoped to have it on
the market in November 2001, according to a document in his company

I called Monte Belger to ask him about his relationship
with Ehud Mendelson, an officer in Israel's military intelligence
agency, and his remote-control aviation company. I found it very
disturbing that an administrator with the FAA would be associated
with such a business project, especially after 9-11.

I called Mr. Belger at his home on Eagle Tavern Lane in
Centreville, Virginia at about 9 a.m. on January 24, 2008. I asked
him about his relationship with U.S. Aviation Technology and Ehud
Mendelson. He denied knowing or having anything to do with either
and asked me to call him later at his office at Lockheed Martin
Corporation where he is a Vice President responsible for
Transportation Systems Security.

When I called his office, he put me on speaker phone, he
said, in order to try and access the websites where he was named as a
Vice President of U.S. Aviation Technology. He continued to deny
knowing anything about the company or its founder, a member of
Israel's Army Intelligence Unit.


Peter Goelz, the former managing director of the NTSB,
the federal investigative body that oversees air crashes, is also
named, along with Monte Belger and others, as a Vice President,
Corporate Stategy, in U.S. Aviation Technology.

Goelz, at the NTSB from 1995 until 1999, personally
supervised the investigations of TWA Flight 800, Egypt Air 990, the
ValuJet crash in Miami, and the mysterious crash of the young John F.
Kennedy's plane off the coast of Cape Cod. There are many
outstanding questions about what really happened to the aircraft
involved in several of the high-profile cases that Goelz was involved

Peter Goelz, former managing director of NTSB, oversaw
the seriously flawed TWA 800 and Egypt Air 990 investigations. The
New York-born Goelz was a lobbyist for gambling interests in Kansas
City prior to coming to the NTSB. A political advisor and lobbyist,
Goelz lacks any real expertise in accident investigation.

Prior to being appointed to the NTSB during the Clinton
administration, Goelz was a political advisor in New Hampshire and a
lobbyist for gambling interests in Kansas City. I have not found
anything in his resume that would make him a suitable candidate to
oversee aviation accident investigations.

I called Peter Goelz at his home on January 25 and asked
him about his relationship with Ehud Mendelson and U.S. Aviation
Technology. Goelz immediately recalled Mendelson, saying that he had
been based in Miami, and said he had met with the Israeli captain
from Israeli military intelligence "two or three" times in
Washington, D.C.

When asked if his relationship with Mendelson had begun
before or after 9-11, Goelz said that he did not remember. He did,
however, have a very clear recall what Mendelson's company was all
about: real-time access to all the data from the computer system on
an aircraft.

Goelz said he had a hard time understanding what was
proprietary about Mendelson's U.S. Aviation Technology. He asked me
to send him an email with my questions and the scope of my article.

In my email, I explained that he was listed as a Vice
President of U.S. Aviation Technology on the company's website and on
that of Israel Venture Capital, and asked how and when he had gotten
involved with Mr. Mendelson.

He wrote back on January 26 and asked me to "enlighten"
him "a little more on the focus of [my] work in this matter." It is
worth noting that Goelz did not deny being a Vice President of
Mendelson's company.

If Goelz was confused about Mendelson's system, he
certainly does not show it in his comments that are found on the
testimonial page of U.S. Aviation Technology, where he wrote (as
found on the website):

I have review your proposed integrated aircraft early
warning system and belive it has considerable technical merit. During
my years at the National Transportation Safety Board we were greatly
concerned about the increasing complexity of airplan accidents.
Advance in safety (ground proximity warning devices,TCAS etc..) have
virtually eliminated certain type of accidents and have forced a
greater reliance on the flight data recorder (FDR). In a number of
accidents, particular those over open water (TWA Flight 800,Egypt
Air,Swiss Air) the investigations were seriously hindered until the
boxes were recovered. In the tragic events of September 11th, three
of the four FDR's were destroyed so no data (or voice recordings) was

Your system of real time downloading of aircraft data
meets a very real and pressing problem. Not only is it important from
a safety and security standpoint it also has applicability for
navigation and flight management. A robust two way data pipe from the
aircraft to the ground and back could revolutionize the industry.

The key to your system is it initial simplicity, relying
on tested almost off the shelf components. That your concept is well
on the way to securing a patent further strengthens your proposal.

I look forward to working with you on this project and
believe that with the appropriate backing it will be successful.

Peter Goelz

Former NTSB Managing director.

Copyright © 2008 Christopher Bollyn
All Rights Reserved

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Important Note - Since contacting Belger and Goelz, there
has been an attempt underway to remove some of these incriminating
documents from the Internet. This is evident from deletions being
made within the U.S. Aviation Technology documents. A warning
message may also pop up when you try to access these documents.

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Cutest endorsement I've seen yet.......... RIGHT ON!!! (Kucinich endorsing Paul)

The Cutest endorsement I've seen yet.......... RIGHT ON!!! (Kucinich endorsing Paul)