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"Sarah, if the American people had ever known the truth about what we Bushes have done to this nation, we would be chased down in the streets and lynched." -- George Bush Senior speaking in an interview with reporter Sarah McClendon in December 1992

The Daily Show demystifies Bush's war'czar' job

Should Rosie be fired, as DeLay wants AOL

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Energy is a very complicated/urgent issue

Energy is a very complicated/urgent issue:
The debate rages based upon agenda, philosophy, and many flawed ideological concepts. The rightist fascist mantra is big government is bad government, when the truth is bad government is bad no matter what it’s size. Why do they the fascist rightist want small and less powerful government? It is because the fascist wants that power, and power is essentially a zero sum game. Unregulated capitalism doesn’t work because venture capital will not venture where profit is not, and where it does venture it leaves a wake of exploitation, and destruction in the form of many kinds of degradation it’s path. Unregulated capitalism might work if we lived in a cornucopian reality, but we live on a finite planet with finite resources. In such cases it is only government that can step in and make things rational, or make things work for the greater good, instead of just for the interest of the elite capitalist who have a long history of irrational, and extremely atrocious behavior that undermines the collective in favor of the rich. In the end it is this agenda that undermines the survival of the entire species as well as the entire biosphere, and it was nothing personal, it was just business.

Many, if not all, of the larger problems we face are for the most part because of the marriage of corporation and government. The elite more than any socioeconomic aspect of our country, need to be governed, and they are the ones doing the governing. Their interest are conflicted, and so we get where we are today, with huge problems that are not going to be easy to solve, and if we let those that caused the problems try to fix them, it is likely the problems will be exacerbated rather than mitigated. So the oil/energy corporations are the last entity we should look to for a rational plan for future energy needs.

I could write a huge thesis on this topic of government, industry, commanding heights, Randism, zionnazism, and the neoconistic agenda, but I just don’t have the time right now. I will say this, the human race is at a crossroads, and we had better choose the path we take with wisdom, or we will very likely cross the point of no return. We are lost in a blur of confusion perpetrated by conspirators that we have a hard time even being aware of.

Alfons v911t

Fwd: Hidden Agenda, an interview with Norman Dodd

--- In, "Alfons" <alfons@...> wrote:

This is quite interesting, an interview with Norman Dodd of the Reece
Committee, by G. Edward Griffin , an investigation of Tax Exempt
Foundations and their Un-American Activities. If you read this
interview you will understand that you cannot trust anything you
read, or were taught in school.


Google Video of the Interview:

An excerpt is posted below:

At that time, their interest shifts over to preventing what they call
a reversion of life in the United States to what it was prior to
1914, when World War I broke out. At that point, they come to the
conclusion that, to prevent a reversion, we must control education in
the United States. And they realize that is a pretty big task. To
them it is too big for them alone.

So they approach the Rockefeller Foundation with a suggestion: that
portion of education which could be considered domestic should be
handled by the Rockefeller Foundation, and that portion which is
international should be handled by the Endowment.

They then decide that the key to the success of these two operations
lay in the alteration of the teaching of American History. So, they
approach four of the then most prominent teachers of American History
in the country -- people like Charles and Mary Byrd. Their
suggestion to them is this, "Will they alter the manner in which they
present their subject"" And, they get turned down, flatly.

So, they then decide that it is necessary for them to do as they say,
i.e. "build our own stable of historians." Then, they approach the
Guggenheim Foundation, which specializes in fellowships, and
say" "When we find young men in the process of studying for
doctorates in the field of American History, and we feel that they
are the right caliber, will you grant them fellowships on our say
so? And the answer is, "Yes."

So, under that condition, eventually they assemble twenty (20), and
they take these twenty potential teachers of American History to
London. There, they are briefed in what is expected of them -- when,
as, and if they secure appointments in keeping with the doctorates
they will have earned.

That group of twenty historians ultimately becomes the nucleus of the
American Historical Association. And then, toward the end of the
1920's, the Endowment grants to the American Historical Association
four hundred thousand dollars ($400,000) for a study of our history
in a manner which points to what this country look forward to, in the

That culminates in a seven-volume study, the last volume of which is,
of course, in essence, a summary of the contents of the other six.
The essence of the last volume is this: the future of this country
belongs to collectivism, administered with characteristic American

That is the story that ultimately grew out of, and of course, was
what could have been presented by the members of, this Congressional
Committee, and the Congress as a whole, for just exactly what it
said. But, they never got to that point!

Griffin: This is the story that emerged from the minutes at the
Carnegie Foundation?

Alfons v911t

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White House E-Mail "Lost" in Private Accounts 12 Apr 2007

Breaking News and Commentary from Citizens for Legitimate Government 12 April 2007
All links to articles as summarized below are available here:
White House E-Mail "Lost" in Private Accounts --Messages May Have Included Discussions About Firing of Eight Prosecutors 12 Apr 2007 The White House acknowledged yesterday that e-mails dealing with official government business may have been lost [!?!] because they were improperly sent through private accounts intended to be used for political activities. Administration officials said they could offer no estimate of how many e-mails were lost but indicated that some may involve messages from White House senior adviser Karl Rove, whose role in the firings has been under scrutiny by congressional Democrats.

Shocking New Disclosure - White House Lost over FIVE MILLION EMAILS in Two Year Period (CREW) 12 Apr 2007 Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) today has released a report, WITHOUT A TRACE: The Missing White House Emails and the Violations of the Presidential Records Act, detailing the legal issues behind the story of the White House e-mail scandal. In a startling new revelation, CREW has also learned through two confidential sources that the Executive Office of the President (EOP) has lost over five million emails generated between March 2003 and October 2005.

Leahy says Bush aides lied about e-mails 12 Apr 2007 President [sic] Bush's aides are lying about White House e-mails sent on a Republican account that might have been lost, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) said Thursday, vowing to subpoena those documents if the administration fails to cough them up. "They say they have not been preserved. I don't believe that!" Leahy shouted from the Senate floor. "You can't erase e-mails, not today. They've gone through too many servers," said Leahy, D-Vt. "Those e-mails are there, they just don't want to produce them. We'll subpoena them if necessary."

Senate panel seeks missing White House records 12 Apr 2007 A U.S. congressional panel investigating the firing of eight federal prosecutors authorized subpoenas on Thursday for e-mails the White House has declared may be missing. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT) challenged the White House assertion, saying, "I don't believe that." Leahy said the matter was reminiscent of the old line, "the dog ate my homework," and "the famous 18-minute gap" in the Nixon White House tapes during the Watergate scandal three decades ago.

Take the next step to end the Iraq war

Dear Alfons,

Last November, the American people spoke loudly and clearly at
the polls, demanding an end to our engagement in Iraq. In recent
months, as the violence in Iraq has continued unabated, that
public outcry has only increased. Unfortunately, President Bush
has already announced that he will veto the emergency spending
supplemental for Iraq that recently passed the Senate --
legislation that includes a withdrawal deadline of March 2008.

While it is critically important that we give our men and women
in uniform the tools and resources they need for their
day-to-day operations, it is also vital that we set a firm
withdrawal deadline. We can't give President Bush another blank
check to continue this war without end. It's time for
accountability and a safe and responsible end to the war so the
Iraqi people can assume responsibility for their own country.

The war plans that have gotten us into the middle of this civil
war were not written by our soldiers. They were written by the
White House. It's time to start taking our troops out of this

That is why I am proud to sign on as a co-sponsor of legislation
my Senate colleagues Russ Feingold and Harry Reid introduced
this week that would end the current military mission in Iraq
and begin the redeployment of U.S. forces. I hope that you will
join me in co-sponsoring Senator Feingold's important
legislation at his website now:

The Feingold/Reid/Leahy bill requires President Bush to begin to
safely redeploy U.S. troops from Iraq 120 days from enactment.
Our legislation ends funding for the war on March 31st, 2008,
and after that date the President can only spend money in Iraq
for three very limited functions: training Iraqi troops,
targeted operations against al Qaeda and other international
terrorist organizations, and defending U.S. personnel and
infrastructure. Most importantly, this bill provides funding and
support for our troops in the field, while denying funds for
continuing the war in Iraq.

Since the Democratic Congressional majorities were sworn in last
January, we have consistently charted a way to end our
involvement in this Iraqi civil war. The American people want a
way out of this foreign policy disaster, and I hope that the
President will reconsider his recent threat to veto the
supplemental spending bill.

However, if President Bush does veto the supplemental, we are
ready to express the will of the American people in setting a
firm deadline for withdrawing our combat troops from Iraq. To do
that, we need to show the depth of public support for a
withdrawal deadline -- and that is why I hope you will join me
in supporting the Feingold/Reid/Leahy bill now:

For far too long, President Bush and his Administration have
been given a blank check to pursue a failed strategy in Iraq.
But those days are over. Congress will no longer simply trust
that the Administration's policy will lead to a successful
conclusion of our engagement in Iraq.

If President Bush insists on vetoing the emergency supplemental
which sets a firm withdrawal deadline and gives the troops the
resources they need for their ongoing operations, then -- with
your support -- we will exercise the power of the purse and take
the next step in ending the War in Iraq by sending the
Feingold/Reid/Leahy bill to the President's desk.

That's why I'm asking for your help today.

Please sign on as a citizen co-sponsor of the
Feingold/Reid/Leahy bill at Senator Feingold's website now!


Patrick Leahy
U.S. Senator

P.S. After you've signed on as a citizen co-sponsor of the
Feingold/Reid/Leahy bill
( ), I hope you'll
take a minute to visit my new website, .
Through my new site, we'll keep you updated on legislation I'm
fighting for in the United States Senate. We'll also invite your
help to advance our Democratic agenda in Congress by
participating in online action alerts and advocacy campaigns. So
stay tuned for much more from in the
weeks and months ahead. But for now, please support the
Feingold/Reid/Leahy legislation today!


Paid for by Leahy for U.S. Senator Committee, Inc.
PO Box 1042
Montpelier, VT 05601


Invite your friends & family to join Leahy for Vermont today!

If you received this message from a friend, you can sign up for
Leahy for Senate at:

Record of Iraq War Lies to Air April 25 on PBS/truthout

Record of Iraq War Lies to Air April 25 on PBS
By David Swanson
t r u t h o u t | Guest Columnist
Thursday 12 April 2007
Bill Moyers has put together an amazing 90-minute video
documenting the lies that the Bush administration told to sell the
Iraq war to the American public, with a special focus on how the
media led the charge. I've watched an advance copy and read a
transcript, and the most important thing I can say about it is: Watch
PBS from 9:00 to 10:30 PM on Wednesday, April 25. Spending that 90
minutes will actually save you time because you'll never watch
television news again - not even on PBS, which comes in for its own
share of criticism.
While a great many pundits, not to mention presidents, look
remarkably stupid or dishonest in the four-year-old clips included
in "Buying the War," it's hard to take any spiteful pleasure in
holding them to account, and not just because the killing and dying
they facilitated is ongoing, but also because of what this video
reveals about the mindset of members of the DC media. Moyers
interviews media personalities, including Dan Rather, who clearly
both understand what the media did wrong and are unable to really see
it as having been wrong or avoidable.
It's great to see an American media outlet tell this story so
well, but it leads one to ask: When will Congress tell it? While the
Democrats were in the minority, they clamored for hearings and
investigations, they pushed Resolutions of Inquiry into the White
House Iraq Group and the Downing Street Minutes. Now in the majority,
they've gone largely silent. The chief exception is the House
Judiciary Committee's effort to question Condoleezza Rice next week
about the forged Niger documents.
But what comes out of watching this show is a powerful
realization that no investigation is needed by Congress, just as no
hidden information was needed for the media to get the story right in
the first place. The claims that the White House made were not honest
mistakes. But neither were they deceptions. They were transparent and
laughably absurd falsehoods. And they were high crimes and
The program opens with video of President Bush saying "Iraq is
part of a war on terror. It's a country that trains terrorists. It's
a country that can arm terrorists. Saddam Hussein and his weapons are
a direct threat to this country."
Was that believable or did the media play along? The next shot
is of a press conference at which Bush announces that he has a script
telling him which reporters to call on and in what order. Yet the
reporters play along, raising their hands after each comment,
pretending that they might be called on despite the script.
Video shows Richard Perle claiming that Saddam Hussein worked
with al Qaeda and that Iraqis would greet American occupiers as
liberators. Here are the Weekly Standard, The Wall Street Journal,
William Safire from The New York Times, Charles Krauthammer and Jim
Hoagland from The Washington Post, all demanding an overthrow of
Iraq's government. George Will is seen saying that Hussein "has
anthrax, he loves biological weapons, he has terrorist training
camps, including 747s to practice on."
But was that even plausible? Bob Simon of "60 Minutes" tells
Moyers he wasn't buying it. He says he saw the idea of a connection
between Hussein and al Qaeda as an absurdity: "Saddam, as most
tyrants, was a total control freak. He wanted total control of his
regime. Total control of the country. And to introduce a wild card
like al Qaeda in any sense was just something he would not do. So I
just didn't believe it for an instant."
Knight Ridder Bureau Chief John Walcott didn't buy it either.
He assigned Warren Strobel and Jonathan Landay to do the reporting
and they found the Bush claims to be quite apparently false. For
example, when the Iraqi National Congress (INC) fed The New York
Times's Judith Miller a story through an Iraqi defector claiming that
Hussein had chemical and biological weapons labs under his house,
Landay noticed that the source was a Kurd, making it very unlikely he
would have learned such secrets. But Landay also noticed that it was
absurd to imagine someone putting a biological weapons lab under his
But absurd announcements were the order of the day. A video
clip shows a Fox anchor saying, "A former top Iraqi nuclear scientist
tells Congress Iraq could build three nuclear bombs by 2005." And the
most fantastic stories of all were fed to David Rose at Vanity Fair
Magazine. We see a clip of him saying, "The last training exercise
was to blow up a full-size mock-up of a US destroyer in a lake in
central Iraq."
Landay comments: "Or jumping into pits of fouled water and
having to kill a dog with your bare teeth. I mean, this was coming
from people who are appearing in all of these stories, and sometimes
their rank would change."
Forged documents from Niger could not have gotten noticed in
this stew of lies. Had there been some real documents honestly
showing something, that might have stood out and caught more eyes.
Walcott describes the way the INC would feed the same information to
the vice president and secretary of defense that it fed to a
reporter, and the reporter would then get the claims confirmed by
calling the White House or the Pentagon. Landay adds: "And let's not
forget how close these people were to this administration, which
raises the question, was there coordination? I can't tell you that
there was, but it sure looked like it."
Simon from "60 Minutes" tells Moyers that when the White House
claimed a 9/11 hijacker had met with a representative of the Iraqi
government in Prague, "60 Minutes" was easily able to make a few
calls and find out that there was no evidence for the claim. "If we
had combed Prague," he says, "and found out that there was absolutely
no evidence for a meeting between Mohammad Atta and the Iraqi
intelligence figure. If we knew that, you had to figure the
administration knew it. And yet they were selling the connection
between al Qaeda and Saddam."
Moyers questions a number of people about their awful work,
including Dan Rather, Peter Beinart and then Chairman and CEO of CNN
Walter Isaacson. And he questions Simon, who soft-pedaled the story
and avoided reporting that there was no evidence.
Landay at Knight Ridder did report the facts when it counted,
but not enough people paid attention. He tells Moyers that all he had
to do was read the UN weapons inspectors' reports online to know that
the White House was lying to us. When Cheney said that Hussein was
close to acquiring nuclear weapons, Landay knew he was lying: "You
need tens of thousands of machines called 'centrifuges' to produce
highly enriched uranium for a nuclear weapon. You've got to house
those in a fairly big place, and you've got to provide a huge amount
of power to this facility."
Moyers also hits Tim Russert with a couple of tough questions.
Russert expressed regret for not having included any skeptical voices
by saying he wished his phone had rung. So Moyers begins the next
segment by saying, "Bob Simon didn't wait for the phone to ring," and
describing Simon's reporting. Simon says he knew the claims about
aluminum tubes were false because "60 Minutes" called up some
scientists and researchers and asked them. Howard Kurtz of The
Washington Post says that skeptical stories did not get placed on the
front page because they were not "definitive."
Moyers shows brief segments of an "Oprah" show in which she has
on only pro-war guests and silences a caller who questions some of
the White House claims. Just in time for the eternal election season,
Moyers includes clips of Hillary Clinton and John Kerry backing the
war on the basis of Bush and Cheney's lies. But we also see clips of
Robert Byrd and Ted Kennedy getting it right.
The Washington Post editorialized in favor of the war 27 times,
and published in 2002 about 1,000 articles and columns on the war.
But the Post gave a huge anti-war march a total of 36 words. "What
got even less ink," Moyers says, "was the release of the National
Intelligence Estimate." Even the misleading partial version that the
media received failed to fool a careful eye.
Landay recalls: "It said that the majority of analysts believed
that those tubes were for the nuclear weapons program. It turns out
though, that the majority of intelligence analysts had no background
in nuclear weapons." Was Landay the only one capable of noticing this
Colin Powell's UN presentation comes in for similar quick
debunking. We watch a video clip of Powell complaining that Iraq has
covered a test-stand with a roof. But AP reporter Charles Hanley
comments, "What he neglected to mention was that the inspectors were
underneath watching what was going on."
Powell cited a UK paper, but it very quickly came out that the
paper had been plagiarized from a college student's work found
online. The British press pointed that out. The US let it slide. But
anyone looking for the facts found it quickly.
Moyers's wonderful movie is marred by a single line - the next
to the last sentence - in which he says, "The number of Iraqis
killed, over 35,000 last year alone, is hard to pin down." A far more
accurate figure could have been found very easily.
--------- This article by David Swanson was first
published at

Fwd: Was Kurt Vonnegut A 9/11 Truther?

Was Kurt Vonnegut A 9/11 Truther?
Cult icon was one of Bush administration's fiercest critics
Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Thursday, April 12, 2007

= '
tm'; digg_title = 'Was Kurt Vonnegut A 9/11 Truther?'; digg_bodytext
= 'Legendary author and cultural icon Kurt Vonnegut sadly died
yesterday at the age of 84, seemingly before he was able to go public
on his doubts about the official story behind 9/11 and join a cadre
of other well-known personalities in lending support to the 9/11
Truth Movement.'; digg_topic = 'politics';

Legendary author and cultural icon Kurt Vonnegut
sadly died yesterday at the age of 84, seemingly before he was able
to go public on his doubts about the official story behind 9/11 and
join a cadre of other well-known personalities in lending support to
the 9/11 Truth Movement.
Vonnegut had seen Alex Jones' videos about 9/11 and government
sponsored terror and asked Alex to send him more, after which Alex
Jones received a personalized drawing and a letter back from Kurt and
was in the process of trying to set him up for an appearance on his
radio show before he became ill.
From all indications and other people Alex Jones had talked to, it
seemed clear that Vonnegut was ready to add his name to the growing
list of high profile public figures who have risked their reputations
to slam the official 9/11 story.
Vonnegut had obviously come into contact with and researched the
subject with the aid of Alex Jones' documentary films.
Vonnegut was certainly clued in to the fact that the political
process in America is completely bought and paid for. In his final
book, A Man Without a Country, Vonnegut noted that "no matter which
one wins, we will have a Skull and Bones President," referring to the
2004 "election" between Bush and Kerry.

In his final major speech at the Ohio State University just over a
year ago, Vonnegut offered further insights on the Bush presidency,
clarifying the fact that "The only difference between Bush and Hitler
is that Hitler was elected."
9/11 Hero William Rodriguez Tells His Story!
In this powerful and emotional DVD, produced by William Rodriguez
himself, the 9/11 hero presents his incredible story of bravery and
the subsequent honors and accolades he turned his back on in his
search for the real truth of what happened that fateful day. Click
here to buy the DVD or click here to subscribe to Prison
and watch it online now in high quality!
"You all know, of course, that the election was stolen. Right
here," Vonnegut told the audience.
Vonnegut was no stranger to the methods of dictators, he fought in
World War 2 and was captured by German soldiers in Dresden in
December 1944. The Nazis put Vonnegut to work collecting bodies for
mass burial but there were too many corpses to bury so the Nazis
simply sent in men with flamethrowers and burned the remains to
ashes. Vonnegut was imprisoned in an underground meatpacking cellar
known as Slaughterhouse Five, which later became the title of perhaps
his most popular book.

The personalized drawing Kurt Vonnegut sent Alex Jones (click for
Vonnegut was one of the Bush administration's harshest critics in
his final years, using his razor sharp words to regularly slam the
war in Iraq through his In These Times column.
"By saying that our leaders are power-drunk chimpanzees, am I in
danger of wrecking the morale of our soldiers fighting and dying in
the Middle East?" he wrote. "Their morale, like so many bodies, is
already shot to pieces. They are being treated, as I never was, like
toys a rich kid got for Christmas in December."

The Fukin Newz


"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable." JFK

The Pentacon

Great research and video about the alleged flight 77.
Alfons v911t

New Victim's Family Supports Search For 9/11 Truth

9/11 News :

* New Victim's Family Supports Search For 9/11 Truth - A new 9/11
victim's family have gone public on their doubts about the official
story and have firmly placed their support behind the efforts of the
9/11 Truth Movement to search for the truth of what really happened on
September 11, belying a common slur on behalf of the establishment
press that questioning the government's version of the attacks is
somehow insulting to the victims.

Defense Spending Now 27 Cents Of Every Tax Dollar

The following report by the National Priorities Project (NPP) shows how the surge in military spending in recent years is leading to the demise of State supported social programs in America.

Supreme Court Blogger

Supreme Court Blogger looks at the facts, the court's analysis, and the dissent's arguments thoroughly, making sense from a particularly confusing and disorganized decision. Beyond that, the blog tries to explain why this decision is unusually convoluted, and provides some unique legal analysis.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rosie's sponsors listed w/contact info

The Future: Policed Nation

When the president declares Martial Law, which is already in place,
these are the people that will be policing our streets along with
law enforcement, as the citizens revolt, and placing them in FEMA
camps throughout the nation that Haliburton has either installed or
renovated with their recent Goverment contract.
Decent citizens will be labeled as Enemy Combatants and jailed,
and the Constitution of the United States will crumble before our

Have a nice day. :)


Milwaukee 9/11 Truth Event is Rescheduled for April 25th

Hello Truthseekers and Truthtellers,
It's wild in Wisconsin with a huge snowstorm. To dangerous for our
speakers to travel from the Madison and Chicago areas. We rescheduled
our event "We The People's Moral Response To 9/11 Truth" for Wednesday,
April 25th. We have the same hall, same time and the same speakers.
Serb Hall 5101 W. Oklahoma Ave. 6 to 10 pm James Fetzer Phd, Kevin
Barrett Phd. and Gary Franchi from the Lonelantern Society.
Take Care Matt

The Silencing of Carol Lam

Secret "Hookergate" Indictment Led to Ouster

now up at

Several little-noticed recent developments point towards major fireworks still to come in the current series of Republican scandals...

Fired San Diego U.S. Attorney Carol Lam has disclosed the existence of a still-secret and presumably-sealed indictment of an as-yet unknown individual in the Randy Duke Cunningham Hookergate Scandal, issued by her office at the same time as indictments were made public last month of defense contractor Brent Wilkes and former CIA No 3. man Kyle "Dusty" Foggo, the MadCowMorningNews has learned.

The sealed indictment may name another California Republican, Representative Jerry Lewis, the powerful former head of the House Appropriations Committee.

The bombshell revelation, which came during Lam's March 29th testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, has been completely overlooked. It is just one of several recent examples of media squeamishness about the scandal.

But the disclosure of a sealed Hookergate indictment may quickly be dwarfed in significance as more is learned about the concerted effort involving Republican Congressmen, the Justice Department, and the White House to thwart Carol Lam's successful exposure of the biggest scandal—in dollar terms—in American history: the wholesale looting of Pentagon and intelligence agency "black budget" appropriations.

read the whole story at
The MadCowMorningNews

April 11, 2007 The Veterans for 9/11 Truth One Year Anniversary.

April 11, 2007 The Veterans for 9/11 Truth One Year Anniversary.

Much has happened over the past year and The Truth Movement is alive and well,
and growing stronger. Much has not happened over the past year
as well, the criminals are still on the loose, and they are
still a grave danger to life, liberty, and happiness for the
people of the USA, as well as people all over the world. So
though we have done well, we still have a lot to do.

911 TRUTH STORY: How we came to be, and what we are for.


The Veterans for 9/11 Truth were busy over this past year, some of us ran for
Congress, some organized events, some promoted this group, others
wrote letters to Congress, and promoted 9/11 Truth. We attended
many 9/11 Truth events and helped in getting Veterans involved
in the Truth Movement. The v911t group has grown to nearly 450
members, with lots of discussion of pertinent contemporary political
issues on the group forum, an average of about 400 messages
per week.

Below are links to commemorate some of the events that the v911t
participated in over the past year:

v911t at the Chicago International 911 Truth Conference Illinois June 2-4, 2006:

NYC September 8-11,

Washington DC September
11-13, 2006

Milwaukee 911 Boston
Tea Party, Dec 16, 2006 we honor the 1773 event by burning the
9-11 Commission Report:

9/11 Accountability:
Strategies and Solutions Conference
Crown Plaza San Marcos Chandler, Arizona - February 23-25, 2007

We the People a Moral Response to 9/11 Truth: April 11, 2007Milwaukee,

We have a Great Country, and We want to keep it that way, and hey, the truth be known,
We want to make it even greater. The Truth is Our Mission, and
we will be Vigilant in that Mission. We have an opportunity
to lead, to lead the world with our mission of equal opportunity,
and equal justice under the law. How could anyone disagree with
these basic and fair principles? These ideals are set down in
Our bedrock documents, like the Declaration of Independence,
and Our Constitution, and Our Bill of Rights. It is these high
ideals that we sought to preserve, protect and defend, when
We began the Veterans for 9/11 Truth. There could be no higher
goal, higher calling, or better destination. Our mission of
truth and freedom has been under constant attack since we started,
and undaunted we are still standing tall, strong, and resolute.
We are unstoppable.

Resist, Fight, Win,
Never Quit,
Alfons v911t

Speaking of Blackwater

Petition to the Senate to Investigate Oddities Involving 9/11 Terrorist Attacks

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

[Fwd: Senate bill would tie global warming to national security 10 Apr 2007]

---------------------------- Original Message ---------------------------- Subject: Senate bill would tie global warming to national security 10 Apr 2007 From: "CLG News"
Date: Tue, April 10, 2007 5:41 pm
To: "CLG News"

Breaking News and Commentary from Citizens for Legitimate Government 10 April 2007
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Senate bill would tie global warming to national security --Seeks assessments by CIA, Pentagon 09 Apr 2007 The CIA and Pentagon would for the first time be required to assess the national security implications of climate change under proposed legislation intended to elevate global warming to a national defense issue.

Bush Warns of Shortfalls In Iraq Funding [Yeah, Halliburton may not get its $72 M bonus this year.] The Pentagon will have to transfer money from other accounts to pay for military operations in Iraq because of delays by congressional Democrats to fund the effort, US President [sic] George W Bush said Tuesday. "The clock is ticking for our troops in the field," Bush said before a group of military veterans in Fairfax, Virginia. [No, the "ticking" that you hear is the time you have left before you're tried, convicted and sentenced for treason. --LRP] Lest we forget...

Memo: Halliburton failed to purify GIs' water --Internal report says contamination could've caused 'mass sickness or death.' 16 Mar 2006 Halliburton Co. failed to protect the water supply it is paid to purify for U.S. soldiers throughout Iraq, in one instance missing contamination that could have caused "mass sickness or death," an internal company report concluded.

Contractor served troops dirty food in dirty kitchens 14 Dec 2003 The Pentagon repeatedly warned contractor Halliburton-KBR that the food it served to US troops in Iraq was "dirty," as were as the kitchens it was served in, NBC News reported on Friday... The Pentagon reported finding "blood all over the floor," "dirty pans," "dirty grills," "dirty salad bars" and "rotting meats ... and vegetables" in four of the military messes the company operates in Iraq, NBC said, citing Pentagon documents.

Halliburton gets $72 million bonus for work in Iraq 10 May 2005 The U.S. Army said on Tuesday it had awarded $72 million in bonuses to Halliburton Co. for logistics work in Iraq but had not decided whether to give the Texas company bonuses for disputed dining services [!!!!!] to troops. Army Field Support Command in Rock Island, Illinois, said in a statement it had given Halliburton unit Kellogg Brown & Root ratings from "excellent" to "very good" for six task orders for work supporting U.S. troops in Iraq.

'Iraq was awash in cash. We played football with bricks of $100 bills' 20 Mar 2006 At the beginning of the Iraq war, the UN entrusted $23bn of Iraqi money to the US-led occupation to redevelop the country. With the infrastructure of the country still in ruins, where has all that money gone?

Iraq Looms Closer for 13,000 Reservists 10 Apr 2007 As many as 13,000 National Guard soldiers from Arkansas, Indiana, Ohio and Oklahoma got an official heads-up yesterday that they should expect possible deployment to Iraq by year's end or in 2008, sooner than scheduled.

4 U.S. Soldiers Die in Iraq 10 Apr 2007 Three U.S. soldiers were killed by a roadside bomb in Baghdad, and another was killed in combat in Anbar province, the military said Tuesday.

16 U.S. Soldiers Wounded in Baghdad 10 Apr 2007 U.S. and Iraqi soldiers fought a daylong battle with 'insurgents' in a violent area of central Baghdad on Tuesday, leaving four Iraqi soldiers dead and 16 U.S. soldiers wounded, the military said.

Woman bomber kills 16 at police station 11 Apr 2007 A woman veiled in black and strapped with explosives blew herself up outside a police station in Iraq, killing at least 16 people, many of them volunteering to join the police force.

Shia leader calls for more attacks on US troops as car bomb kills 17 09 Apr 2007 Thousands of Shia protesters converged on the Iraqi city of Najaf last night for an anti-US rally on the fourth anniversary of the fall of Baghdad. The Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, in a statement distributed in the city, urged Iraqi police and army to stop co-operating with the US, and urged his militia to step up attacks and force the US to withdraw.

"We'll leave when asked." (GW Bush) --"Get out! Get out, occupier!" Shiites Call for U.S. to Leave Iraq --By Mark Yannone 09 Apr 2007 (AP) Tens of thousands of Shiites--a sea of women in black abayas and men waving Iraqi flags--rallied Monday to demand that U.S. forces leave their country. Some ripped apart American flags and tromped across a Stars and Stripes rug . . . And the head of al-Sadr's parliamentary bloc, Nassar al-Rubaie, blasted the U.S. presence as an affront to "the dignity of the Iraqi people. "After four years of occupation, we have hundreds of thousands of people dead and wounded."

Huge Protest in Iraq Demands U.S. Withdraw 10 Apr 2007 Tens of thousands of protesters loyal to Moktada al-Sadr, the Shiite cleric, took to the streets of the holy city of Najaf on Monday in an extraordinarily disciplined rally to demand an end to the American military presence in Iraq, burning American flags and chanting "Death to America!"

Ban on 'war stories' follows day of retreat at Whitehall 10 Apr 2007 The government performed a spectacular U-turn yesterday when it banned all military personnel from selling their stories to the media - only hours after defending the right of the Iranian hostages to do so. Facing a storm of criticism from dead soldiers' relatives, opposition politicians and even the head of the army, Des Brown, the Defence Secretary, made his announcement yesterday afternoon.

Injured troops shipped back into battle --Salon has uncovered further evidence that the military sent soldiers with acute post-traumatic stress disorder, severe back injuries and other serious war wounds back to Iraq. By Mark Benjamin 09 Apr 2007 On March 9, Army Spc. Thomas Smith was ordered to board a plane from Fort Benning, Ga., to deploy back to Iraq, even though he was known to be suffering from chronic post-traumatic stress disorder from a previous tour there... Smith's medical records, obtained by Salon, also show that doctors had "highly recommended" that Smith not be deployed because of his condition. But that did not stop Smith's commanders from ordering him to Iraq as his unit, the 3,900-strong 3rd Brigade of the 3rd Infantry Division, was rushing to move out as part of President [sic] Bush's so-called surge plan for securing Baghdad.

Medical Budget Cuts Hit --Top Docs Blast Phony Health Budget 'Efficiencies' 30 Mar 2007 The surgeons general of Army, Navy and Air Force have criticized defense officials for imposing $650 million in phony "efficiency wedges" on their medical budgets which will not produce real efficiencies but will only mean cuts in on-base medical services for beneficiaries.

Extremists force women to hide under head scarves 10 Apr 2007 For two years, Faiza Abdal-Majeed has carried a head scarf in her purse for emergencies. For a woman in the Iraqi capital four years after the fall of president Saddam Hussein, these emergencies can include passing unlawful checkpoints manned by [US] armed militiamen, impromptu forays through neighborhoods controlled by religious zealots and taxi drivers who refuse her fare unless she covers her hair. "Some clerics and politicians are forcing religion into our lives," said Mrs. Abdal-Majeed, 45. "We're being pushed back 1,000 years in time." Baghdad once [under Saddam Hussein] was considered a secular, cosmopolitan metropolis where Islamic customs seldom collided with women's fashion. Today, however, religious ideology has strengthened its grip and forced half the population to submit to traditional Islamic dress.

Bush's 'Operation Iraqi Freedom' for women: "We're being pushed back 1,000 years in time." Iraqi women forced to dress traditionally 10 Apr 2007 Religious extremists in Iraq have tightened their grasp on women's rights and wardrobes, women in the country say. During the era of Saddam Hussein, women were free to dress as they wished but now most women wear Islamic hajib, including a headscarf and long, dark skirts, the newspaper reported.

Guantánamo Bay inmates in mass hunger strike over new solitary cells 10 Apr 2007 Inmates at Guantánamo Bay have embarked on a mass hunger strike in protest at the isolation and harsh conditions of a new maximum security unit, detainee lawyers and military officials said yesterday. Thirteen inmates have refused food since the authorities at Guantánamo began transferring detainees in December to the new [KBR-built] $38m (£19m) Camp Six, where inmates are locked in windowless cells with steel walls for 23 hours a day. All 13 are now being force-fed under a regime that has been widely criticised by human rights groups.

Hunger strikers are force-fed at Guantanamo 10 Apr 2007 Thirteen detainees are on hunger strike at the US military base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and are being force-fed through tubes, the US Navy said on Monday. "Currently, there are 13 hunger strikers at Guantanamo. Two of the 13 have been on hunger strike since August 2005. Most of the others began their hunger strike in January or February," navy Commander Robert Durand said.

US dismisses inmate torture claims 11 Apr 2007 A US federal court judge has refused to dismiss terrorism charges against alleged al-Qaeda operative Jose Padilla who says he was tortured while held at a US military brig for more than three-and-a-half years.

Judge Rejects Padilla Torture Argument 10 Apr 2007 A federal judge refused to dismiss terrorism charges against Jose Padilla over claims that the alleged al-Qaida [al-CIAduh] operative was tortured in U.S. military custody, removing one of the last major obstacles to the start of his trial next week.

Freed Iranian diplomat claims he was tortured by the CIA in Iraq 09 Apr 2007 Friction between Iran and the US has taken a new twist after an Iranian diplomat [Jalal Sharafi] having been seized in Iraq and held for two months accused the CIA of torturing him during his captivity.

US expert rejects Iran nuke claims 10 Apr 2007 An arms control expert from the United States has dismissed Iran's claim that it is enriching uranium on an "industrial" scale. Michael Levi from the US-based Council on Foreign Relations says... Tehran's latest claims about its production capacity are simply not credible. "There is not a single expert out there who will say this is an industrial capacity," he said. "If the [Natanz uranium enrichment plant] worked perfectly as installed right now, it would still take 10 years to produce enough material to operate Iran's nuclear plan for one single year."

Another step towards a showdown with America 10 Apr 2007 Iran's announcement yesterday that it has started enriching uranium on an industrial scale further raises the stakes in its confrontation with the US and the UN Security Council, and brings it closer to a possible military showdown with Washington.

Australia special forces going back to Afghanistan 10 Apr 2007 Australia is sending special forces commandos back to Afghanistan to hunt down the leaders of the resurgent Taliban as part of a doubling of Australia's troop numbers there, Prime Minister John Howard said on Tuesday.

Taleban kill Afghanistan reporter 08 Apr 2007 The Taleban in Afghanistan have killed an Afghan reporter abducted last month with an Italian journalist. The group said it had killed Ajmal Naqshbandi because the government had refused to meet its demands to release senior figures from prison.

Bush, Defense Dept. Get 'Muzzle' Awards 10 Apr 2007 The Bush administration and the Defense Department are among the winners of the 2007 Jefferson Muzzle awards, given Tuesday by a free-speech group to those it considers the most egregious First Amendment violators in the past year [century].

Access Denied By Mark Yannone 10 Apr 2007 "Have you been in any peace marches, Professor Murphy? We ban a lot of people from flying because of that." "No, but last year I gave a lecture at Princeton that criticized George Bush for violating the United States Constitution." "That'll do it."

Six U.S. Attorneys Given 2nd Posting in Washington 10 Apr 2007 A half-dozen sitting U.S. attorneys also serve as aides to Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales or are assigned other Washington postings, performing tasks that take them away from regular duties in their districts for months or even years at a time, according to officials and department records. Acting Associate Attorney General William W. Mercer, for example, has been effectively absent from his job as U.S. attorney in Montana for nearly two years -- prompting the chief federal judge in Billings to demand his removal and call Mercer's office "a mess."

House Panel Subpoenas Gonzales for Documents 10 Apr 2007 The House Judiciary Committee issued a subpoena to Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales today seeking hundreds of pages of new or uncensored records related to the firings of eight U.S. attorneys last year, officials said.

GOP-issued laptops now a White House headache --Democrats say a private e-mail system was used in violation of federal rules. 09 Apr 2007 When Karl Rove and his top deputies arrived at the White House in 2001, the Republican National Committee provided them with laptop computers and other communication devices to be used alongside their government-issued equipment [so they could more effectively plan and manage the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the 2004 coup]. Democrats say evidence suggests the RNC e-mail system was used for political and government policy matters in violation of federal record preservation and disclosure rules. In addition, Democrats point to a handful of e-mails obtained through ongoing inquiries suggesting the system may have been used to conceal such activities as contacts with lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who was convicted on bribery charges and is now in prison for fraud.

Clinton, Obama join Edwards in skipping Fox-sponsored presidential debate 10 Apr 2007 Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will not participate in a Democratic debate co-hosted by Faux News Channel this fall, campaign aides indicated Monday. The decision by the two Democratic presidential candidates follows an announcement last week by John Edwards, another White House contender, that he would forgo the Fox event.

Obama not in race for second place 11 Apr 2007 US Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama dismissed the notion he might consider accepting the No. 2 spot on the 2008 ballot — with Hillary Rodham Clinton at the top. "You don't run for second. I don't believe in that," the Illinois senator said on the talk show Late Show with David Letterman.

Elizabeth Edwards afraid of neighbor 09 Apr 2007 Elizabeth Edwards says she is scared of the "rabid, rabid Republican" [terrorist] who owns property across the street from her Orange County home -- and she doesn't want her kids going near the gun-toting neighbor.

Wal-Mart secures gag order in security scandal --Fired employee can't talk to press about company's spying operations 09 Apr 2007 Wal-Mart has won a gag order to stop a fired security operative from talking to reporters after a string of revelations about the retailer's large surveillance operations and its business plans, according to court papers made public on Monday.

Bush Would Veto Stem Cell Research 10 Apr 2007 President [sic] Bush [a stem cell himself] will again veto a bill to subsidize stem cell research using human embryos, but would sign an alternative that permits public funding for studies on embryos incapable of developing into fetuses, the White House said Tuesday.

Pet food insider sold shares before recall --CFO calls sale a 'horrible coincidence' 10 Apr 2007 The chief financial officer of Menu Foods Income Fund says it's a "horrible coincidence" that he sold nearly half his units in the troubled pet food maker less than three weeks before a massive recall of tainted pet food. Insider trading reports show that Mark Wiens sold 14,000 units for $102,900 on Feb. 26 and Feb. 27. Those shares would be worth $62,440 today, based on yesterday's close of $4.46 a unit.

Tainted Food May Have Hurt 39,000 Pets 09 Apr 2007 Pet [GM?] food contaminated with an industrial chemical may have sickened or killed 39,000 cats and dogs nationwide, based on an extrapolation from data released Monday by one of the nation's largest chains of veterinary hospitals.

Radio Host Imus Suspended by MSNBC, CBS for Two Weeks 10 Apr 2007 Radio host Don Imus was suspended for two weeks [from CBS Radio and cable-television channel MSNBC] because of his racially charged comments about the Rutgers University women's basketball team.

Quick vote: Should WFAN host Don Imus be fired for his racist remarks about Rutgers women's basketball team? 54.3% Yes (6376 responses) 45.7% No (5375 responses) 11751 total responses [Poll snapshot: 17:25 EDT 10 Apr 2007]

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[Previous lead stories:] 'The enemy [US] used neutron and phosphorus weapons against Baghdad airport... there were bodies burnt to their bones.' US accused of using neutron bombs in Iraq 09 Apr 2007 The former commander of Iraq's Republican Guard has accused the US of using non-conventional weapons in its war against the Middle East country. Saifeddin Fulayh Hassan Taha al-Rawi told Al Jazeera that US forces used neutron and phosphorus bombs during their assault on Baghdad airport before the April 9 capture of the Iraqi capital... "The enemy used neutron and phosphorus weapons against Baghdad airport... there were bodies burnt to their bones," he said.

Iraq most wanted footage aired 09 Apr 2007 The Al-Jazeera news channel broadcast a video recording overnight of what it said was one of the most wanted members of Saddam Hussein's regime still on the run. The Qatar-based network gave no date for the purported footage of elite Republican Guards chief Saifeddin Fulayh Hassan Taha al-Rawi, who was number 14 on the most wanted list drawn up by the US military for the 2003 invasion... In the footage shown, Rawi accuses US forces of using neutron and phosphorus bombs during their assault on Baghdad airport ahead of the capture of the Iraqi capital. [See: Aljazeera Arabic: U.S used neutron bombs in 2003 Baghdad Airport battle 08 Apr 2007]

New regime bans vehicles in Baghdad on anniversary of fall of old regime --Four US soldiers killed by roadside bomb in Diyala as violent attacks leave 32 Iraqis dead. 09 Apr 2007 Baghdad on Sunday declared a 24-hour vehicle ban on the fourth anniversary of the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime in a bid to prevent car bomb attacks in the Iraqi capital. On Sunday, eve of the anniversary, the daily bloodshed showed no let-up with at least 23 people killed in attacks including car bombings.

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Fwd: Re: [v911t] Listen to Hoffa on Open Freeways/Mexico

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O'Reilly Upset at Support For Sheen on Website Poll

Tuesday April 10, 2007
One of Bill O'Reilly's recent targets has been actor Charlie Sheen,
who openly questions the official storyline of the events of
September 11th and is in talks to narrate a new release of the
alternative theory documentary Loose Change. O'Reilly insists that
accepting such a role will cause harm to Sheen's career and asks
viewers to vote in one of his unscientific polls (to what end we can
only wonder).
On the FOX News website O'Reilly's Most Ridiculous Item reads
We're getting quite a bit of action on our poll
question: Will actor Charlie Sheen damage his career if he narrates a
9/11 conspiracy film?
Some of those voting are far left Kool-Aid drinkers told to support
Sheen by nutty Web sites they visit.
Now I really feel sorry for these people, I do, as they are similar
to the ones who followed crazy Jim Jones down to South America in the
`70s and wound up drinking a poison Kool-Aid-like substance which of
course killed them.
People who are incapable of thinking of themselves are always
exploited, always, thus the name, Kool-Aid drinkers.
In addition, they are ridiculous. But we want you to vote on our
poll, those of you who are thinking for yourselves.
When you visit the site, the question is posed as above, with yes
or no as the only answers available. There are no further questions
about ideology, party, or where you learned of the poll. We can
safely surmise the answers are coming out more "no" than O'Reilly
would like, so he blames the phantom far left for skewing his silly
But what is really ridiculous is O'Reilly's mindset that everyone
who says something HE disagrees with should suffer for it, either
losing employment or office, and he uses his national "no-spin"
platform to go after them. He won't have to go far this time, though.
Just this afternoon I saw Charlie Sheen in a baseball uniform,
plugging away for DirectTV - owned by FOX News owner News Corp.
Will O'Reilly go after News Corp. with the same glee and fervor
which he has shown going after ABC and Disney in the aftermath of
Rosie O'Donnell's comments? Not likely.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Professor who criticized Bush added to terrorist 'no-fly' list

Michael Roston
Raw Story
Monday April 9, 2007
A top Constitutional scholar from Princeton who gave a televised
speech that slammed President George W. Bush's executive overreach
recently learned that he had been added to the Transportation
Security Administration's terrorist watch list. He shared his
experience this weekend at the law blog Balkinization.
Walter F. Murphy, the McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence,
Emeritus, at Princeton University, attempted to check his luggage at
the curbside in Albuquerque before boarding a plane to Newark, New
Jersey. Murphy was told he could not use the service.
"I was denied a boarding pass because I was on the Terrorist Watch
list," he said.
When inquiring with a clerk why he was on the list, Murphy was
asked if he had participated in any peace marches.
"We ban a lot of people from flying because of that," a clerk said.
Murphy then explained that he had not marched, but had "in
September, 2006, given a lecture at Princeton, televised and put on
the Web, highly critical of George Bush for his many violations of
the Constitution."
The clerk responded, "That'll do it."
Murphy was allowed to board the plane, but was warned that his
luggage would be "ransacked." On his return trip, his luggage was
Murphy is a decorated Marine who served in the Korean War and was a
reservist for 19 years. Mark Graber, who presented the blog post,
adds that there were other reasons that Murphy was an unlikely terror
"While he holds some opinions, most notably on welfare, similar to
opinions held on the political left, he is a sharp critic of ROE V.
WADE, and supported the Alito nomination," he wrote.
The blog post on Murphy's experience can be accessed at this link.

Vids of Importance to understand 9/11/2001.

These are a few important videos for everyone to help understand the
facts about 9/11 that the administration does not want you to know.

The truth will set us free.

Hillary Clinton "I Don't Believe That Happenned I'm From New York" Was Asked if 9/11 Was A Pretext For Iraq War

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers,
Here's something right from the lips of Hillary Clinton on 9/11.

One woman approached Clinton and told her that President "George Bush
lied about 9-11" and "needed 9-11" for a pretext to go to war with
That was too conspiratorial for Clinton, who supports withdrawing
U.S. troops but voted to authorize force in Iraq in 2002.
"You know, I don't believe that happened," Clinton told the woman
about 9-11. "I'm from New York, and I don't believe that happened."

Fwd: Dennis Kucinich -- 'Because I can, I will' investigate aspects of 9/11

_The 9/11 Truth Movement_

Dennis Kucinich -- 'Because I can, I will' investigate aspects of 9/11

Recently, _Scholars for 9/11 Truth_
founder Justin Martell interviewed Ohio Representative and
candidate, Dennis Kucinich.
_Watch Video Here_ (

Sunday, April 08, 2007

[Fwd: Media 'Frightened to Death' Over 9-11 Revelations]

Friends of Truth, the attached is right on. We need to let the media
moguls and imbedded CIA propagandists know that we're on to their game and that after the coming Shift every single one of them who helped cover up the crimes of 9-11 will be in prison awaiting trial right along with the people who planned and executed 9-11. Hear that O'Reilly?
Better think twice about wearing your eye-liner when you're in the
slammer, the other convicts might get the wrong idea.

Damned right they're getting scared. They should be so frightened that some of the lower-level people could be convinced to turn Peoples' evidence and testify about what they know.

In Truth -- galen


9/11 Truth Movement: Only Growing Stronger - And the Media are
Frightened to Death

"...It's not about theories. It's not about accusations. It's not about speculation. It's about the official public body of evidence and how much of it has been kept from us, misrepresented, and in some cases totally fabricated. You don't have to convince people of a theory; all you have to do is show them the evidence... The media are becoming more and more terrified of any discussion about 9/11. Exposing the evidence can serve to wake up the millions of falsely imprisoned victims of their deception. And that can be fatal for the criminal corporate media..."

The corporate media have launched a desperate attempt to eliminate all discussions about the official body of evidence related to the events of 9/11. Just watch how they are trying frantically to get Rosie O'Donnell fired from ABC's The View. Also think back to when the media launched a broad based attack against the character of Charlie Sheen for daring to publicly question the official story of 9/11. Rosie, however, is a much greater problem for the criminals in the media. She is on a daily network TV program with a large audience that doesn't even know that questions and disturbing facts about 9/11 exist.

Let's understand one thing: the 9/11 truth movement is doing nothing but growing. People who have been exposed to the actual evidence and
understand the ramifications of what it reveals are not waking up one morning and suddenly deciding that they believe the official story. The dynamic works like this: those who are not aware of the evidence believe the official story. Once they start poking around they realize that the official story about the attacks could not possibly be true, and they discover the plethora of evidence that was hidden and misrepresented by the Bush administration, the 9/11 Commission and the corporate media. 9/11 truthers are not suddenly coming across new information that causes them to suddenly believe the official story. It's a one way flow. The evidence speaks for itself.

Could that last statement possibly explain why the media are trying so desperately to quash any discussion about 9/11 or destroy the
credibility of anyone who dares to try to raise the topic? You can bet that it is. But there is another angle here as well. The media are no longer trying to protect the insiders of the Bush administration whose involvement in the events and cover up of the evidence is implicated by so much that has been uncovered. This time around they are protecting themselves. Let's be real here. With every day a liar continues to lie it becomes more difficult to undo, explain, correct or justify that lie. This is the position in which the corporate media find themselves right now.

The events of 9/11 pose a unique problem for the criminal corporate media. For generations, the media have kept Americans in the dark about topics like war, taxation, the monetary system, America's involvement in atrocities in the world, domestic assassinations, science, health, and our environment. Yet, 9/11 is a topic that hits home like no other. Understand that this is not theory, this is provable.

We have to understand that the media have "protected the people" from the truth about many events over the years. I demonstrate this very clearly in a presentation that I give to live audiences. You can get some insight into media deception by perusing, but my lecture leaves no doubt in people's minds that the media lie to them via distortions, distractions delusions and omissions. But even more
important, they discover that the media are controlled by a single source. I don't just tell people this, I show them the proof so they see it if for themselves. It's right there, all the time and once you know what to look for you see it.

If anyone cares to call me out on this, all they have to do is invite me to give my presentation and provide an unrestricted question and answer session. Those who hear me will see the world in a different light; I promise you. That aside, my point here is that exposing the deceptions surrounding an issue such as the Federal Reserve to the American public would probably not provoke a huge amount of anger and outrage. I say that despite the fact that this topic involves perhaps the biggest conspiracy in the history of this country, and one that affects us all.

On the contrary, I can just imagine the horror and rage if the general public were to learn that the events of 9/11 had been actually carried out by rogue elements operating within our government, with outside cooperation (can you say Larry Silverstein?).The tragedy of 9/11 was personal. It was a vivid, calculated, murderous assault on Americans. Hindsight allows us to realize that 9/11 was the Bush administration's first "shock and awe" campaign. It is easy to understand that. We all felt the pain and horror of that day, and many of us have lived ever since with 9/11 hanging over our heads and in our hearts, and we have seen those events eclipse our Constitution and democracy. Because of this, we have been easily emotionally manipulated and motivated ever since the attacks by the criminal corporate media. That is probably one of the most difficult realities to confront in all of this. Just think about the reactions of the newly awakened 9/11 truthers when they start to absorb the voluminous evidence that the criminal corporate media has hidden from them for all these years!

Have you ever seen the movie Cape Fear? In the film, Max Cady is a criminal who is released after a long prison term. While Cady was in prison he teaches himself law, using the prison library. While in prison Max discovers that his lawyer had been in possession of evidence that might have affected the outcome of the trial. However, the lawyer had not disclosed any of it to either Cady or the jury. He did not allow the jury to see evidence that might have led them to conclude that Cady did not commit the crime of which he was accused. For those of you who saw the movie, you know how angry Cady was when he got out of jail. And you also know that Cady's vengeance is taken out on his lawyer, not on the jury that actually put him in jail.

Let me suggest that in the theoretical Case of 9/11, you, the American people, are very much like the members of the jury, just as and the criminal corporate media parallel the lawyer in the film. In a sense, as you will see a bit later, you also become one of the condemned
defendants in the case of 9/11. In attempting to influence the jury as they try to determine what happened on 9/11, the criminal corporate media, like Cady's lawyer, withheld evidence from you, the jury. Based on the cherry-picked evidence selected and presented to you, you were intentionally misled to draw prescribed conclusions related to the case. As a result, you easily found the defendant guilty. As a matter of fact the media in this case made sure that you pre-convicted the prescribed accused before they even presented any evidence to you.

But what you did not know when you reached your verdict was that you had not been allowed to see a massive amount of available evidence. The intent of the lawyer was to ensure a conviction, not to expose the truth. For example, in this predetermined trial, among so much more, you were never told about:

* A large organized group of highly placed people with known motives
to commit the crime in question had far better opportunity to do so.

* Aspects of the crime that the accused could not possibly have
carried out, such ordering NORAD not to follow procedures, preventing the US Secret Service from doing its job by immediately moving the president to a safe location once they knew the nation was under attack.

* Eyewitness testimony directly relating to the events of that day.

* Evidence of foreknowledge by people other than the accused.

* Scientific evidence that contradicts the official story by stating
that pools of molten metal (much hotter than burning jet fuel ) burned below the collapsed building for weeks, by questioning how the buildings could have collapsed at faster than free fall speed, and by challenging the scientific accuracy of evaporating planes and impossible maneuvers by jet airliners.

And here is the more tragic irony. At the same time that you convicted a defendant on largely unsupported and highly unbelievable evidence, you actually sentenced YOURSELF as well. In this farce of a trial, you condemned yourself to an eternal post 9/11 nightmare world you could never have otherwise imagined!

You sentenced yourself to accepting the elimination of your own
Constitutional rights. You sentenced yourself to supporting the use of your tax dollars for egregious and illegal assaults on other nations. You sentenced yourself to allowing the reduction of funding for vital domestic programs. In a nutshell, you sentenced yourself to supporting a foreign and domestic policy that has weakened almost every imaginable aspect of our nation.

All this has happened because evidence was withheld from you, making it impossible for you to seek the truth with any credible tools at your disposal. But, fortunately, that does not have to be the end of the story.

I submit to you that the Internet has served the American people in the same way that prison library served Max Cady. As we read and access legitimate public records on the Internet, we see more and more of the evidence that the lawyer (the criminal corporate media) withheld from us. And with each piece of evidence we find, we understandably become more and more angry with the lawyer - in fact, the corrupt corporate media - who was supposed to work on our behalf!

As a result, the criminal corporate media have a lot to fear. They have to fear the response of the American people who may one day discover that they not only withheld evidence from the public, but duped the people of this country into supporting the actual criminals who
committed atrocities against them on 9/11.

I learned this lesson before 9/11. I started while I still believed the official explanation of 9.11 but still had the US corporate media tagged as America's #1 Enemy! I use 9/11 often in my writing because it is an issue that hits home with the American people. It is something they can understand. It is something that they
experienced. The media have acted against the interest of the American people for generations, allowing a small group of powerful people to pretty much have their way with us and the planet in general..

Maybe 9/11 can serve as an eye opener and jolt the people into
recognizing the US corporate media as the enemy. We don't need media reform in this nation, we need media replacement. We need a real news industry, one that understands why its vocation is the only one
protected by thy US Constitution. We don't need a media with incestuous connections to the CIA or nefarious secret organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Group). We don't need journalists who report American Idol scandals; we need journalists to keep an eye on our government and show us every last piece of evidence they uncover about their misdeeds.

I often wonder what would happen if enough establishment institutions were to become really informed about 9/11. I have to believe that many Americans would probably accept the idea that 9/11 was an inside job and somehow justify it in their mind and heart. But I also wonder what would happen if a great many other people were like me and would not be OK with it. I often wonder how these people would react and who would be the target of their rage. But wondering aside, I know how I am reacting right now, and whom I want to punish. I am sure I am not alone when it comes to being angry with those who lie to protect the real
criminals...and that's why the media are becoming more and more
terrified of any discussion about 9/11. Exposing the evidence can serve to wake up the millions of falsely imprisoned victims of their
deception. And that can be fatal for the criminal corporate media.

The 9/11 truth movement can only grow. It's not about theories. It's not about accusations. It's not about speculation. It's about the official public body of evidence and how much of it has been kept from us, misrepresented and in some cases totally fabricated. You don't have to convince people of a theory; all you have to do is show them the
evidence. And the longer the criminal corporate media continue to withhold evidence, the harder it will be to explain to the growing body of very angry Max Cadys out there, why they have done so. Think about it.


9/11 was an inside job. Our nation is in peril.
The perpetrators are in positions of power.
Demand a new investigation.
Stand up. Be counted.

Vanity Fair/War of the Rosie (Act Two) OMG

War of the Rosie (Act Two) It's touching,
seeing conservative bloggers finally find a cause they can believe
in, something that moves them to dust themselves off and seize the
diem. It's like watching a toddler take its first steps before it
learns to march in the May Day parade under the red flag. Organized
protest, that's something more ingrained in the damaged chromosomes
of armpit peacenik hippies; for theo- and neocons, it's an acquired
trait. Take the American Digester. The Digester joined the antiwar
movement in 1965, that didn't turn out swell, so for forty two years
he's been manning the recliner, awaiting his nation's call. And now
that call has been sent and received. He will join Michelle Malkin's
crusade to de-Rosie'fy The View. "I do believe that the effort to
yank Rosie O'Donnell off The View by going around the vapid and
hapless Barbara Walters and her cynical producers is worth the
effort." Stirring words, and to illustrate those
stirring words he directs us to Malkin's how-to video on which
products to spurn on your next Stepford Wife trip through the
shopping aisles of capitalism. I shall restrain myself from
commenting on the production values of this video, the dinky-dorky
music, and the deficiency of what the Cahiers de Cinema critics used
to refer to as the mise en scene, but I can't help remarking that at
1:48 in the video Malkin spits an M & M at her computer screen and
later spits into her backyard dumpster after she's disposed of a
bagful of boycotted items. It's really not very attractive seeing a
grown woman, a mother no less, hocking like a sailor on leave, or Sid
Vicious expending surplus drool. This video ought to carry an
etiquette advisory label so that children, who are America's future
after all, don't go around projecting saliva just because they saw
some blog lady do so.
I confess that there are times when I consider boycotting The View,
usually after the show's resident Republican Elizabeth Hasselbeck has
made one of her moronic mynah bird remarks. Even if I were so
inclined, however, there would be difficulties getting my displeasure
across to advertisers. Webutante, dipping her pedicured toes into the
turbulent waters of protest, conveniently provides a partial list of
sponsors on the don't-shop list:
All Detergent (Unilever)
BAM Power Cleaner ( Reckitt Benckiser)
Best Foods Mayonnaise

Bush's Baked Beans

Claritin-D (Schering-Plough)


Disney's "Meet the Robinsons"
Dove Ice Cream

Excedrin (Novartis)
Head & Shoulders Shampoo
Honey Bunches of Oats

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
Janome Sewing Machines

Loestrin 24

Pepto Bismol (P&G)

Pier 1 Imports

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel
Reach One Ultimate
Stainmaster Carpet

Stanley Steemer

T. J. Maxx
Tide Laundry Detergent
Intensive Rescue Body Lotion


Ah, well, you see the problem. It's one thing to boycott a large
stationary target, such as Wal-Mart, apartheid South Africa, or non-
union grapes. But to keep tabs on this many products and advertisers,
some of whom rotate in and out of the show depending on ratings
periods, it's simply too much bother for the average consumer.
Carrying a shopping list and a boycott list could easily lead to
confusion. Moreover, there are items here many consumers will be
unwilling to forgo. I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, I can do
without. But what about those upset tummies for whom Pepto Bismol is
pink balm? Insomniacs swear by Excedrin PM. Forsaking Head &
Shoulders might invite a new crop of flaky dandruff to take up
residence, and no one wants that. Getting through the blogging day
without a fistful of M & Ms--unthinkable. And it'll be a cold morn in
the fascist imperiuum before I let anyone pry Dove's "Give in to
Mint" ice cream from our freezer.
If President Bush didn't require any genuine sacrifice from
Americans after 9/11, it's too late to ask us to give up our favorite
sweets now, over five years later. I'm afraid the Rosie detractors
are going to have to find another way to register their displeasure.

"My Name Used to Be #200343"

"My Name Used to Be #200343"
By David Phinney, IPS News

Posted on April 7, 2007, Printed on April 8, 2007

*A year ago, Donald Vance learned what its like to be falsely accused
by the
U.S. military of aiding terrorists. He was held without charge for more
three months in a high-security prison in Iraq, and interrogated daily
sleepless nights without legal counsel or even a phone call to his

Alfons interviews Veterans for 9/11 Truth member, Lt. Col. retired Guy Razer

Alfons interviews Veterans for 9/11 Truth member, Lt. Col. retired Guy
Razer 20 years USAF Fighter Pilot
Listen to more interviews here:

Alfons v911t

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