Thursday, February 18, 2010

Truth, Justice and Peace

We advocate Truth, Justice and Peace, for without Truth there will be no
Justice, and without Justice there will be no Peace.

These aforementioned platitudes are imho axiomatic and should not even be need
to be said, but there are those who defy the truth, for the sake of nefarious
agendas, that Truth only interferes with, and so they lie, and they attack
without grounds, and many of us, likely most of us, know when we are being lied
to, and slandered.

I guess it comes down to this: are these people deliberately lying, or are they
just stupid, or both? Lead me, follow me, or get out of the way, and if you cant
do anyone of the three, then you are the enemy. These people would serve our
cause better if they would join the other side. Please, join the other side! Get
the fuck out of the way!

The left and right of it

If you are NOT trying to expose and prosecute the crimes of the military industrial/banking/intelligence complex then your are serving the agenda of the elite rightist, and therefore cannot be considered anywhere near the left. This seems axiomatic to me, but in political discourse it somehow gets confused, propaganda, aka PR ... See Moreworks I guess. The spin doctors are very good at their craft, spellbinding with enigmatic confusion, like magic. The people of the world, and especially of the USA are under a spell.